Zenbev Drink Mix is an organic sleep aid made from pumpkin seeds. The organic pumpkin seeds are cold pressed to remove the oil and blended in a powder formulation that has been clinically proven to promote sleep naturally. BIOSENTIAL the company that make Zenbev also produce the yummy RESTBITES bedtime snack again harnessing the power of pumpkin seeds to aid natural sleep.

Ever wanted a healthy snack that can even help you sleep ?

Zenbev drinkAs a psychiatrist, Craig Hudson from Biosential had a mission.  Many of his patients were coming with issues around sleep and anxiety but Craig was reluctant to prescribe sleep medications because he felt they ended up doing more harm in the form of tolerance and dependence than good.  He found he had better results with prescribing L-tryptophan which he  took for his own sleep problems.

Janey-Loves-BadgeSo Craig set out to create a product using natural source tryptophan and, the unique Zenbev Drink Mix,  made from all food ingredients was born.  Craig  sourced the best form of natural tryptophan from de-oiled, organic pumpkinseed meal and combined it with ingredients that encourage the brain to absorb the tryptophan.    Zenbev provides what your brain needs to make your own natural melatonin.  There isn’t any other sleep product that provides this efficacy, is natural and has no side-effects.

As with most natural products, it takes time for some people to notice results.  Others feel the effects immediately.  Some people take Zenbev for periodic bouts of sleeplessness, others take it regularly to maintain good sleep patterns.  It is important to note that Zenbev may be stopped at anytime without adverse effects.   Multiple clinical studies have proven efficacy in insomnia as well as social anxiety.

The company also make RestBites  an edible version of our Zenbev formulation.  Extremely yummy!