My Verdict… “At last… a holistic approach to pet care!”


Vince the Vet is gaining recognition in the UK as the new ‘Go to expert’ for all things nutritional for our Nation of pet lovers.

vince the vetBut Vince has a new angle for treating many of the health issues that face our much loved dogs and cats. As a fully qualified Vet for more than 30 years, a homeopath for 20 years, and having 25 years of experience with a wide range of complementary therapies, the often remarkable improvements in health he has seen in many pets over the years, is as a result of nutritional therapy in combination with other forms of treatment that are now becoming available.

Vince says; “From the mid-nineties onwards, my interest in natural remedies, therapies and supplements grew, as I became increasingly frustrated by the inability of a conventional veterinary approach to help many of the animals under my care. Never one to quit, or simply accept the status quo, I was spurred on to find alternatives that could.

Janey-Loves-BadgeThis burning desire to alleviate suffering and restore health as gently and as naturally as possible, no matter how ill a pet might be, coupled with a belief that your pet’s body is capable of extraordinary things with the right support, led me to study homeopathy along with a wide range of other complementary therapies both in the UK, the USA and the East.”

Vince is full of enthusiasm for not only sharing his nutritional knowledge and the many new and alternative ways that we can care for our pets, but for putting The Power Of Nutritional Therapy into Pet Owners Hands.

After gaining the VetMFHom homeopathy qualification, at the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital, Nutritional therapy using natural supplements, combined with homeopathy became his cornerstone for the holistic treatment of pets, but acupuncture, herbal remedies energy therapies, and Vince’s newly developed range of nutritional supplements for pets played their part too. Notable successes and the results of clinical trials were published in the Veterinary Times, Positive Health Magazine and local newspapers.

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