We can now feel that Spring is truly here with bluer skies, daffodils and the promise of lighter days and the warmth of sunshine! After hibernation and snuggling down of winter, it’s good to feel a spring in the step and it’s the perfect time to clear away some clutter, eat a little fresher and look towards some natural healthier choices. Time for renewal!


Spring sunshine on a crisp cool day is the perfect time for hanging out duvets and pillows on the line to air, the cool temperature will kill off any bugs.

Go natural to give your home a thorough, healthier spring clean. You really don’t need a multitude of toxic chemical laden products, just a handful of natural kitchen ingredients will do the job and create sparkle.

Bicarbonate of soda –  is brilliant and used mixed in water with a microfiber cloth, it will clean most surfaces. It’s great for soaking up odours too and even works on stains – mix it with a little amount of water to form a paste and it will work on mud, grass and perspiration. Eucalyptus oil is great for all oil stains.

Lemons – can be used really effectively to clean a ceramic sink and add a bit of lemon peel to your cutlery container in the dishwasher – it will help shine things up beautifully.

Vinegar – is great for making a ‘fizzing’ solution with bicarbonate of soda for cleaning the loo (put your rubber gloves on, remove some of the water from the bowl and get scrubbing! Vinegar is also fantastic for lino floors – 50:50 hot water and white vinegar brings it up like new (don’t use on waxed floor as it can remove the wax!).

Revive and Rejuvenate

These natural pick me ups will put a spring in your step.


Real Remedies Clarity (3rd Eye Chakra) Tea

Handcrafted with a combination of sour cherries, a good source of anthocyanin, which can help enhance memory, star anise with its sedative properties for calmness, bitter orange peel to stimulate the nervous system, Caraway seeds, blue mallow flowers & marshmallow root to treat insomnia and headaches. A great tea for relaxation and calm clarity. The 3rd Eye Chakra is the opening to higher sense perception, where intuition becomes wisdom and clarity.



Rhythm of Beauty Spring Harmonising Room / Aura Spray

Enjoy the natural fragrance of spring with this beautiful room spray with uplifting notes of chamomile, neroli and sweet orange, to brighten and freshen your home space and clear away stagnated energy, leaving a calming sacred space. 100% natural with organic extracts, flower essences and the highest-grade oils.

Your body may welcome some support after the heavier foods and indulgences of winter months.

Digestive Enzymes will reboot your digestive system and help any food intolerances, support cardiovascular health and immune function. Enzymedica have a great advanced enzyme formula with digestive enzymes and added probiotics to really boost your gut health and promote regularity.

Digest Gold™ +PROBIOTICS



At this time of year we can be looking at a few winter months’ worth of neglected skin. If your skin feels tight and uncomfortable then it needs some attention with a natural and effective moisturiser that will restore moisture as quickly as possible. Ditch the highly perfumed and synthetic moisturisers because they will irritate skin – go for the purest, most natural ones that really work:

Tiana Coconut Oil for Hair and Skin


Tiana Coconut oil is perfect for correcting damaged and dehydrated skin, it’s quickly absorbed into the skin, making your skin feel immediately smooth and soft without feeling greasy. The coconut oil used is cold pressed which provides extra moisturising properties. It also makes a great hair conditioner and is perfect for a delicate baby’s skin as well as for problem skin due to the high content of lauric acid. It goes without saying I am a huge fan.

Africology Jasmine Body Balm


This balm works wonderfully after a warm bath or shower, massaged into damp skin. You can even add a very small amount to your bath or melt some in an aromatherapy burner and the scent is heavenly. Perfect for restoring cracked heels and getting your feet spring/summer ready!

Massage into skin to promote increased lymph flow and circulation. Jasmine is such an uplifting fragrance and perfect for feeling invigorated.