Asphalia is famous as a product that can help to improve your sleep. But there are other products in the range created by Roger Coghill and his laboratory.

Asphalia for Natural Memory contains the fabulously named Lion’s Mane Mushrooms which are thought to improves cognitive skills.  Ideal for those in the early stages of dementia.   The capsules contain only natural ingredients

Asphalia for Natural Mobility contains Rosehips grown in the rarefied atmosphere of the Chilean mountains.   A number of published studies have shown that rosehips aid in relieving pain and help improve agility and mobility so it’s Ideal for those with osteoarthritic pain.

No hidden ingredients, fillers or magnesium stearate,  no artificial flavours and colours.

Asphalia for Natural Petcare – Animals are just a prone to free radical damage as are humans  so Roger has created Asphalia for Natural Petcare  If you think about it animals often eat grass when they are ill – They instinctively know what is good for them!    Sprinkle this special formula in to their food and help your pet reach a healthy and active old age.