Today is National Tea Day with an official event taking place at Kensington Roof Gardens where you can partake in gourmet tea tasting and even have your photo taken with Queen Victoria! 

As a nation, us British love a good cup of tea and even though I love my coffee, taking tea is a ritual I enjoy particularly when I want a ‘pick-me-up’ or a calming brew. Tea can be so much more than a taste experience, there are some great options that are almost medicinal with their incredible health benefits.

Due to its polyphenols, antioxidants, and phytochemicals, the compounds in tea are good for our heart and may help fight free radicals that can contribute to disease.

Today in honour of this special day we’d like to showcase our absolute favourite health giving teas.

Real Remedies


Natural teas that work with the chakras for attaining greater sensitivity, awareness and balance in our lives. This range of wonderful teas taste amazing and are an opportunity to enjoy a moment of deep reflection and introspection.

Each tea blend is subtle and harmonious without added caffeine, stimulants, additives or flavourings, and individually blended for each specific chakra and its needs including  ‘Authenticity’ tea for the Throat Chakra – taking care of your throat Chakra will liberate you to speak authentically as this is the centre of our expression, Capability’ tea is for the Solar Chakrawhen our Solar Plexus is in sync we can feel more confidence in our capabilities, there’s ‘Affinity’ tea for the Heart Chakra  – as the central aspect of our energy system, the heart strengthens every cell, cumulating, ultimately, in universal Affinity…..and many more. Check them out here:

I’m having a business meeting in the garden while enjoying a cup of Creativity – Sacral Chakra Tea, fruity, stimulating and sensual, just the smell alone is enough to excite me and get my juices flowing! We love working from home. Could you make this shift? Could you support yourself with one of the ideas you have?

Vanessa Jacoby – Co Founder Real Remedies

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Amongst the many choices of tea, Green tea has higher antioxidizing power and the most potent health properties and Matcha is an even more potent source of catechins than standard green tea.

Clinical tests suggest that drinking matcha can speed up physical recovery after workouts, promote cell strength and boost immunity, and many matcha fans say it makes them feel energised and alert.

The health benefits between our premium and super premium Matcha are similar, but due to the particular attention given to the harvest of OMGTea’s Organic AAA grade Matcha Green Tea, its superior taste and flavour are very rich and subtle.

Katherine Swift – Founder of OMGTea

OMGTea offer Premium grade Matcha in powders and a supplement.

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What other awesome reasons do we need to drink more tea?!