Everleaf makes the world’s most complex non-alcoholic aperitifs with depth, aroma, flavour, body & complexity which rival some of the greatest alcoholic brands on the market. Created by Conservation Biologist and bartender Paul Mathew, who has been working in the drinks industry for 25 years.


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Paul launched Everleaf in January 2019 to meet demand from his guests for great non-alcoholic options with all the flavour, complexity and texture of the best spirits in the world, using his knowledge of plants to help deliver that. Since then the brand has grown to three flavours and is available in eight countries and growing.

One of the bestselling non-alcoholic brands in the UK, the Everleaf range includes three products anchored to different parts of the natural world: Forest, Mountain and Marine. These act as both inspiration for flavour profiles and sources for key botanicals. Crafted by their unique knowledge of botany and conservation, Everleaf believes what is created from the natural world should connect you to it, and help protect it.

Everleaf is designed to be mixed with light-tonic water, ice and a freshly sliced garnish to create a delicious spritz.





FOREST is a complex and bittersweet blend of 14 sustainably sourced botanicals carefully chosen to capture the essence of FOREST flavours including Vanilla, Orange blossom, Saffron, Gentian, Pink peppercorn, Fennel, Vetiver, Orris root, Cassia bark, Cinnamon, Angelica root, Liquorice, Coriander seed and Chamomile.Crafted for spritz drinkers. A large Everleaf FOREST Spritz contains 48 calories – 26kcal from 50ml of Everleaf and 23kcal from 150ml of light tonic. 





MARINE is a crisp blend of 16 sustainably sourced botanicals carefully chosen to capture MARINE flavours including Bergamot, Sea buckthorn, Dulse seaweed, Kelp seaweed, Olive leaf, Juniper, Elderflower, Labdanum, Orris root, Green tea, Eucalyptus, Pine, Roman wormwood, Thyme, Orange blossom and Fennel. Crafted for gin drinkers. MARINE & light tonic is a deliciously refreshing non-alcoholic alternative to a gin & tonic. A large Everleaf MARINE & light tonic contains 38 calories – 15kcal from 50ml of Everleaf and 23kcal from 150ml of light tonic. 



MOUNTAIN is a vibrant blend of 12 sustainably sourced botanicals carefully chosen to capture MOUNTAIN flavours including Cherry blossom, Orris root, Juniper, Rosehip, Strawberry, Myrtle, Everlasting, Coriander and Cherry. Crafted for pink gin drinkers, with a light tonic it’s a deliciously aromatic non-alcoholic alternative to a pink gin or glass of rose wine. A large Everleaf MOUNTAIN Spritz contains 44 calories – 21kcal from 50ml of Everleaf and 23kcal from 150ml of light tonic. 

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