Feeling blue this Monday – or at any time?  Janet Jones who is known as The Happiness Millionaire reckons it’s all hype, the idea that the third Monday in January is the day we all feel miserable came about mainly because a guy called Dr Cliff Arnall created a formula for a travel company to sell holidays, we’ve all heard the phrase so often we have come to believe it – (great PR spin!).

Janet says…’Of course the weather may not be great, but that’s out of our control, why not choose gratitude instead. January is a time for reflection, reading and eating lovely warm soup! If something is out of our control to change, such as weather, we shouldn’t give it energy and instead, use that energy to focus on the things we can change’

You may have already given up on your New Year’s resolutions too, I have written a lot about ditching resolutions, they just set us up to fail, actually choose the outcomes you want and set your intentions, don’t make unrealistic demands on yourself, whichever time of the year it is, set achievable goals and new habits to practice.

janet_jones_portraitJanet believes that one of the best ways to snap out of ‘feeling blue’ is to stop investing too much time thinking negatively about ourselves and  make more of an effort to do something for someone else. Even if that is just opening a door for someone or letting someone else have your parking space.

Giving unconditionally is a sure way to happiness.

And happiness is Janet’s ‘thing’ She says talk about happiness, remind yourselves how important it is to choose happiness.

Here are some of Janet’s tips..

If you are loved by someone celebrate that.

If you live in a peaceful country be grateful every day. There are people in the world who are starving and dying in war torn countries. They would love to live in peace.

If someone said thank you to you today, smile, you were noticed for your kindness and that is proven, by genuine science, to create lasting happiness.

It is a complete miracle that any of us exist at all and I believe that is the greatest celebration for every day of the year, for life.

Check out Janets short videos to increase your level of happiness with daily assignments  www.facebook/happinessmillionaire