My verdict… “A fantastic way to get your probiotics, targeted to exactly where needed”

OptiBac Probiotics specialise entirely in live cultures. The best live cultures for you will depend on your individual circumstances. OptiBac Probiotics recognise this and have developed a range of products for different situations – for example, a supplement ‘For those on antibiotics’, ‘For babies & children’ and ‘For travelling abroad’, plus many more. OptiBac Probiotics are a great alternative to sugary yoghurt drinks.

What’s more the OptiBac Probiotics range is incredibly well researched, OptiBac Probiotics undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they can all survive at room temperature and pass safely through stomach acidity. There is also an impressive number of peer-reviewed clinical trials, offering you some of the most researched strains in the world!


One of their new products is ‘For your cholesterol’: it’s a natural supplement containing live cultures and omega 3 especially designed to help you maintain normal cholesterol levels. This is an incredibly well researched product and a FIRST of its kind as a probiotic.

It is incredibly safe and can be taken alongside statins in an effort to lower cholesterol levels.