Many European women make daily body massage an essential part of their beauty regime and cellulite is not a word that even exists in their vocabulary!

My Verdict ‘A luxurious natural oil to help with cellulite..I’m massaging it in daily…watch this space!’

Dr Spiezia has formulated Firm and Tone oil – high concentrations of active plant oils and astringent, toning herbs to effectively combat the orange peel effect on the thighs, stomach and bottom which affects so many women.

The ingredients have been carefully selected to work in synergy for their traditional use in relieving water retention, breaking down fat deposits, toning and improving the appearance of cellulite.


Meadowsweet and rosemary stimulate lymphatic circulation,  Burdock is used to purify and detox, while  Ginger and green tea are used to stimulate and tone. Finally Gotu kola and jojoba oil to improve skin elasticity.

After a shower or bath just work the oil in a circular motion, gradually increasing the pressure, to stimulate circulation and drainage in the affected areas. You should start to see a difference in the tone and texture of the skin after only two weeks. 



For in depth info about the 100 per cent organic beauty formula