L.A Brewery was born out of founder Louise Avery’s own love of foraging for natural ingredients and dedication to the art of creating beautifully flavoured drinks. Louise began experimenting from her kitchen at home, infusing her kombucha with flowers, fruits, herbs and botanicals to create gently sparkling drinks with rich and complex flavour profiles. 






Their refreshing range of kombucha is brewed, fermented and bottled at their micro-brewery in Suffolk, powered by 100% dark green energy from a biodigester that converts local organic waste into energy. Their glass bottles and packaging are also 100% recyclable. 

Low sugar & packed with live, gut friendly cultures. L.A Brewery drinks are never pasteurized, retaining all the benefits of organic acids and enzymes produced during the fermentation process. 

Their teas, fruits, extracts and botanicals are all ethically sourced from trusted & local suppliers. Their fine artisan whole leaf teas come from Tea Fields where they are grown at high-altitude & completely chemical-free. They come direct from small ethical tea plantations in India and China, with profits contributing to the local communities. 



Choose from great flavoured Kombuchas including Ginger, Lemongrass, Strawberry and Black Pepper, limited-edition Rhubarb and Strawberry. Tropical Ginger which is their take on ginger ale with a tropical twist for a fresh and aromatic fizz.  Citrus Hops has the rich hoppy depths of a New England IPA combined with the refreshing tart acidity of kombucha! 




Sparkling English Rose is a refreshing champagne alternative, inspired by summer’s fresh flowers and an ode to the rich heritage of English sparkling wine. New Sparkling English Blush is inspired by summer rosé wines, our L.A Sparkling Blush combines summer’s seasonal flowers with a gentle hint of rhubarb.   

Check out their Non-Alcoholic Drinking Hub  launched for Sober October with useful tips, recipes, tricks and content for those embarking on either a no-alcohol challenge, completely stopping drinking, or just trying to cut back.