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Punchy are premium, low-calorie soft drinks with all-natural ingredients, feel-good flavours and a splash of vitamin D to help you catch the sun all year round. 

Every plastic-free can of Punchy is packed with 50% of your daily vitamin D, and packs a flavourful punch with all-natural ingredients, carefully sourced from all corners of the world and brought together into unique, vibrant flavours. These soft drinks are made for sun-drenched moments, shared with the people you love. 

Punchy has joined forces with the Great Oven, a charity providing sustainable food relief and finding creative ways to strengthen communities. They donate 1% of sales, and 1% of stock to the charity each year. 

There are three punchy flavours to choose from: 


Golden Hour 


This juicy blend of all-natural, carefully selected ingredients is a real sun-trap; a recipe that’s absolutely brimming with Italian Blood Orange and Guatemalan Cardamom. A sweet and zesty blood orange up front, cut through with aromatic bitters, rounded off by a hint of cardamom adding depth to the finish. Delicious. To serve – drink straight from the can or serve  over ice with a slice of orange.  

First Dip 


A sparkling combination of Spanish Yuzu and Rosemary, with cucumber from Germany. A lead of fresh cucumber, followed by a big hit of citrus from the yuzu, rounded off with green notes from the rosemary. Super refreshing. To serve – drink straight from the can or serve over ice with a sprig of rosemary.   


Holiday Romance 


Italian Peach, Sri Lankan Ginger, and Chai from a combination of Chinese Keemun Black Tea brewed gently with Cardamom, Cinnamon and Allspice from Guatemala, Indonesia and Jamaica. A subtle sweet hit of juicy peach at the front, followed up by heat from the ginger towards the back, rounded off by fragrant chai adding depth of flavour. Lovely. Drink straight from the can or serve over ice with a slice of lime.