Magnesium is crucial for skeletal strength, normalised muscle function, energy production and the body’s ability to detox. It is a pivotal nutrient responsible for over 300 chemical actions within the body and associated with thousands more.  I use magnesium flakes regularly as they help to make my body supple and they are naturally relaxing.

BetterYou have a wonderful range of transdermal magnesium products which means the magnesium is applied directly to the skin, depending on the type of product used. They are perfectly designed for topical application and are available in a number of different forms including Magnesium Oil, Magnesium Flakes and the new Magnesium Body Butter and Lotion formulations.


Magnesium Oil can be sprayed directly on to the skin and massaged in. I apply it after a bath when my skin absorbs it better. You can use up to 20 sprays daily, massaged and spread around your body onto different areas.


When magnesium flakes are dissolved in a body or foot bath the solution feeds every cell and efficiently replaces magnesium lost through modern diet and pressured lifestyles, providing you with the most relaxing 20 minutes you will ever spend!  Just dissolve 250g (roughly equivalent to two cups) in a warm bath and relax for 20 minutes or longer to gain full body relaxation.  It is advised that 2-3 magnesium rich baths are taken per week


Magnesium Body Butter and Lotion is another option of getting your magnesium intake. Both formulations by BetterYou contain a nourishing blend of Magnesium Oil with shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and vitamin E, for optimum results, use after having a bath or shower and gently massage into clean, dry skin. It’s dermatologically tested and suitable for even the most sensitive skin.