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How are you finding the transition from being at work to being at home?

For some people putting boundaries around their work life and their home life is key and I asked a US guest writer to offer some suggestions on how we bring home some of the best bits from the office into our home environment.  In addition if you are working from home make sure your surroundings are conducive to productivity, but also creativity and relaxation – at least some of the time.  Who knows you might come up with some great ideas to take back into the workplace.

Firstly clear your desk space, and if your desk is within a communal area think about getting a screen so that you can literally ‘close up’ when work is done, it helps to create that transition from work to relaxation mode.

Hand Sanitizer and soaps

Hands up if you’re washing your hands far more often?, nope no hands! There are great reasons to carry on, but of course the downside is that hands can become quite sore and dry.  Make sure you have great natural soap which totally does the job (Try the excellent artisan soaps from Kentish Soap) and when you are on the move, have the more natural hand sanitizer such as the organic one from Neals Yard Remedies

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Hand Cream

Because of all the hand washing it’s really nice to treat your hands to some cream or moisturiser, again make sure it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, you want something light which absorbs quickly.

It’s easy to make your own pampering hand oil, oils are especially good to rehydrate the skin.

Mix together

10 ml of Avocado Oil

10 drops of Carrot Oil

10 drops of Jojoba oil

(if you don’t have those oils any light plant based oil will work)

Break open and add the contents of one Vitamin E capsulte

You can also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil  Lavender, Lemon or Geranium work well


If your office or workplace has a water cooler or bottles always chilling in the fridge you are probably used to regularly topping up your water intake.  You may find it hard to remind yourself to drink enough water at home.  Try filling up at least a 1 litre bottle or flask at the start of the day.  Opt for filtered water and of course you can have some slices of fresh lemon to pimp it up a bit.

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Room Spray

If your working space at home smells of the last meal you cooked it might not get you in the mood for work.  Try preparing the area by spritzing a great organic room spray such as the Shui Me Purity blend, the ingredients include Citronella, Lemongrass and Sweet Basil, it’s such as invigorating fragrance it gets you in the mood to focus.  You could also try one of the amazing organic aromatherapy diffusers from Shui Me, they last for ages and are non toxic.


I LOVE decent coffee and for the office a colleague recommends K Cups. A good way to buy K cups cheap is through an online specialty retailer. While your regular office supply retailer may offer K-cups, they’re probably not the best source.  They’ll be likely to have less variety, and their inventory could be less fresh than that of a company that specializes in coffee. Stay stocked up on a variety of K cups so there will be choice.

Take regular Breaks 

Don’t forget to take time to do some stretches, go for your daily walk in the fresh air.

At the end of the working day, tidy up, just as you would in the workplace and don’t be tempted to constantly check emails et al

Relaxation and sleep are important too!

Stay home Stay Safe