Do you want to rock Dry January?  Embark on a journey of transformation with Janey Lee Grace and the Sober Club Accredited Coaches as they share their heartfelt stories, pivotal moments, and incredible benefits of embracing sobriety in a new e-book:

Sobriety Rocks! Top tips for a Successful Dry January: A collection of pivotal moments and inspiration from Sober Coaches  This empowering dipp-inable read, offers a holistic approach to well-being through sobriety, proving that abstaining from alcohol is not a loss but a profound gain.

Each coach trained through the Sober 360 Accredited Sober Coach programme, brings a unique perspective, sharing insights, wisdom and unveiling the secrets of their successful journey to sobriety. It goes beyond saying NO to alcohol, inviting you to say YES to a life filled with joy, vitality, and purpose.

Whether you’re determined to embark on ‘just’ a sober January, or know its time to make a commitment to sobriety, you can benefit from these top tips for success during your first month, offering practical guidance and heartfelt encouragement.  So many great tips and ideas here, and a checklist for a Sober Selfcare Toolkit

Go here to access the e-book. Its available from Kindle direct, (where it reached number One in the health and recovery chart) there is a small price on it, which goes to the Sober Club giveback fund, but you can still download a pdf free of charge from the same link.

‘Connection is the opposite of addiction’ (Johann Hari) 

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