As a self confessed foodie, and a big time snacker I’ve complied a list of my favourite snacks that you don’t need to feel guilty about indulging in! As a general rule, if you’re trying to shed off some extra pounds or if you’re looking to shape up your diet, don’t get bored!

Boredom leads to excessive snacking, and for most of us its the nature of our snacking habits that doesn’t help our diet, rather than the content of our meals. It’s extremely important to watch what we’re choosing to snack on as it’s is your opportunity to fuel your body between meals.

Here are 5 of my favourite superfood treats:


SuperFood Slushy, Live Wheatgrass

These delicious slushy ice lollies, contains 50ml of juiced pomegranate seeds, raspberries, red grapes, coconut water and fresh LiveWheatgrass Juice. A super refreshing alternative to sugar and calories filled ice lollies, these slushies contain100% pure ingredients! Enjoy this healthy alternative on a hot summers day without feeling guilty!


Coconut Water, Tiana

Organic certified and 100% pure. Nothing added, nothing taken away! A refreshing feel good snack that both hydrates and beats the sugar cravings. I’m a big fan of Tiana’s coconut water, knowing that it has no excess sugars or added nasties – perfectly healthy and extremely delicious.


zoot bars 2

Zoot Bars, Zoot Foods

Available in a large variety of natural flavours from Choc ‘n’ Orange, Banana Choc Chip, Cashew Supreme and Berry Burst, the Zootfoods mission is to ensure that safe snacking is practised, whilst controling your intake of fats, sugar and calories. A great addition to your handbag if you know you have a busy day ahead! Ditch the urge to grab a bar of chocolate or a bag of crisps and opt for these super delicious and healthy alternatives!


Make your own Raw Chocolate, CHOC Chick

Delicious guilt free raw chocolate! The perfect treat. In its raw state, chocolate has more than 300 nutritional compounds and is one of the richest sources of antioxidants of any food on the planet! Who knew chocolate could lower blood pressure, improve circulation, and promote cardiovascular function? The joys of chocolate without the guilt!

dried-cherries-large_1024x1024Dried Cherries, CherryActive

High in antioxidants and a great source of carbohydrates, these 100% natural Montmorency dried cherries infused with apple juice concentrate are a great addition to breakfast cereals, yoghurt recipes, or as a quick pick me up during endurance events. With no added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, flavourings or colourings you don’t have to feel guilty about eating a handful of these delicious dried cherries.