We are pleased to announce that Incognito are sponsors of our Janey Loves 2017 Platinum Awards.

Incognito are an award-winning insect repellent brand offering ultimate skin and bite protection without the toxic nasties…their formulation is certified as 100% natural, is stronger than any Deet-based products and it really does work!

16508110_1324492814239672_8224417722052162617_nTheir range of products repels all insects, powerful enough to use anywhere in the world, giving you 100% protection against all biting insects and mosquitoes, and can be used by all the family including young babies and those with sensitive skin.

Their products include repellent spray, repellent roll-on, suncream, room refreshers, incense sticks, soap, hair and body wash, moisturiser, java citronella oil and Zap-Ease. Everything you need for a bite free holiday and summer.