Incognito are a multi award winning company that produce brilliantly effective 100% natural protection products to repel mosquitos and various other bugs, I’m a huge fan, the products are unprecedented in their effectiveness, and what I also love and admire about Incognito is their dedication to helping protect the environment.


They are an eco-business that runs on renewable energy and fights for the future of the planet and they are constantly re-evaluating products, packaging, logistics and transport methods to ensure they align with their eco ethics that their environmental impact is as minimal as possible. 10% of profits go to charity, and in 2015 they were awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development.

They have just recently teamed up with Spectra, a specialist packaging company to create new environmentally friendly bottles. The two new packs for hair and body wash and the anti-mosquito spray are made from HDPE biopolymer which provides an excellent environmental packaging solution. The numerous environmental advantages are ideal as biopolymer HDPE is sourced from the ethanol from sugarcane waste, as opposed to conventional oil based HDPE, and benefits from 96% renewable raw materials and can be recycled in the same stream as normal HDPE, making it the perfect environmental alternative. For every kilogram of sugarcane plastic made 4.6 kg of carbon dioxide are removed from the air…

Biopolymer HDPE looks and behaves exactly like conventional HDPE, the colour, the process and the performance is the same, the huge difference is the source of the raw material which creates a paraben and SLS free end product. It’s the perfect packaging solution for products that protect the user and the planet.

Nicky Monina from incognito® says:

“Our aim is to ensure consistency across all our product line packaging and Spectra stepped up to the plate with a biopolymer solution for both of these products. As an ethical brand with a long term sustainable focus, it’s important that we can have confidence that our packaging can deliver what’s needed and evolve with us in an ever-changing environment. We are very happy with the results”.

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