My Verdict… “A major leap forward in nutrition, Maximum Vibrance powder is a great multi-supplement, and even a works as a meal replacement – great when you’re on the go”

Most of us want to enjoy optimal health  but the reality is we may have to supplement diets as Intensive farming and food processing has unfortunately depleted the nutrient value of our food.

Vibrant Health a US based dietary supplements company, that have won several awards for their highly regarded ‘greens’ product Green Vibrance Powder have now introduced Maximum Vibrance Powder a complete dietary supplement powder.

Maximum Vibrance powder has got 120 different ingredients in a serving. It covers all the bases in nutrition except for Omega 3’s which are not yet available in powder form.  However it is :

•        A vegetable protein powder – one scoop gives 20% of your days protein requirement. This is balanced protein from four plant sources along with a few free amino acids to give an amino acid profile similar to human muscle.

•        A multi vitamin, multi mineral from organic sources through a special patented extraction process.

•        A ‘greens’ product with beneficial grasses, green vegetables and algaes such as spirulina and chlorella. Ingredients such as wheat grass powder, barley grass powder, parsley, kale and broccoli sprouts.

•        A powerful antioxidant – derived from a wide range of fruits, vegetables and plant sources. In total 26 different antioxidants

•        A probiotic – with a wide range of beneficial microbes to promote health in both the colon and small intestine

•        A digestive enzyme – with 7 different vegetable based digestive enzymes

•        A healthy serving of Vitamin D3 and much, much more.

The good news is it tastes good !  It has natural flavourings of almond, vanilla and berries in it.

Two scoops of Maximum Vibrance can be used as a complete meal replacement.  It is a great way to start the day or for lunch. It is gluten free, soy free and dairy free you can just add to glass of water

They say it’s Not just a superfood – a futurefood!

Power packed with nutrition at a daily cost which works out less than a cup of coffee

Vibrant Health Products are distributed in the UK by Water for Health Ltd.


For details on Maximum Vibrance Powder, check out their web site