I’ve been writing about the benefits of drinking water for many years, in truth I don’t think I’ve ever really nailed the definitive on exactly how much and what kind of water, The arguments are age-old, should be now be eschewing bottled water, and opting for filtered tap water, what kind of filtration? Should we energise our water, magnetise it? And should we drink it warm or cold?  This particular question is what our guest writer is addressing. Thank you Dancun Kingori for your thoughts…

While it’s a fact that drinking lots of water is important to our health, there has been a heated debate as to whether one should drink cold or warm water. From digestion to take place and for the body to get rid of unwanted waste, drinking water is crucial. But what are some of the benefits of drinking cold water in the morning?  Here’s my 7 reasons.

  1.    Cold water purifies the body and boosts the ability of the body to absorb nutrients

Apart from being the secret behind having a glowing skin, drinking cold water also boost the creation of new muscles cells as well as new blood cells.

  1.    Drinking cold water in the morning helps in digestion

When sleeping, very little digestion takes place in the body. Therefore, to improve your digestion process, you need to start the day by drinking a bottle of cold water.

  1.    If you are working out, drinking cold water can help boost your performance

Recent studies have suggested that if you are working out regularly, then drinking some cold water in the morning can significantly help you to increase your performance. Other studies have even suggested that cold water can significantly help you to burn calories and lose a lot of weight in the long run.

  1.    Drinking cold water in the morning can help prevent and cure headache

If you normally wake up in the morning and you are welcomed by a headache, cold water can work great for you. One of the leading causes of this pain in the morning is the reduced levels of water in the body. When you wake up with a headache, it means that your body did not have sufficient levels of water. So, if you can get some cold water on an empty stomach, the pain can fade away, and you may end up having a great day!

  1.    Drinking cold water helps with weight loss

You may be trying to lose weight and have heard that drinking a glass of water is very helpful. This is because water will not only boost your metabolic rate but also improves your heartbeat; thereby increasing the rate at which you lose weight. If you can start your day by drinking a glass of cold water, you will help your body to break down the adipose tissue that’s deposited in your body. Drinking water in the morning will also control your food craving and ensure that you don’t overeat.

  1.    Drinking cold water in the morning aids with constipation

You have probably experienced the irritating and uncomfortable effects of constipation at some point in your life. This common stomach problem usually occurs when the body has no or very little bowel movement. This is often caused by the lack of enough water in the body. If you start your day by drinking a glass of water, you’ll not only improve your bowel movement but also reduce the effects of constipation.

  1.    Water flushes out toxins

After nourishing your body cells, cold water will also flush out any unwanted toxins from your body. While you are asleep, your body usually replenishes the energy, repairs itself, and balances the hormones in the body. This usually results in toxins and other waste materials being released. If you drink some water in the morning, you will clear your body of these waste materials, feel great, and be able to absorb more nutrients during breakfast. This also improves your overall well-being and clears the skin.


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There are amazing and surprising benefits that your body will receive if you start drinking a glass of cold water every morning. Start making a glass of cold water part of your morning routine and rest assured that you’ll enjoy a revitalized feeling.

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These views are not necessarily the views of impefectlynatural.com This is a guest post by Dancun Kingori