A fab innovation from Relaxback UK, where at the touch of a button you can raise or lower the height of your work desk.

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My Verdict… Like all the best ideas the adjustable height desk is a simple solution to an old problem  -After just one week no more aches and pains from sitting at my desk all day!

  • Want to burn calories sitting at your desk?
  • Feel more comfortable standing?
  • Wonder why desks are the same height when we are all different?
  • Want to work standing up?
  • Prefer to stand when on the phone?
  • Not want to be static all day?

‘Sitting is the new cancer’ according to Tim Cook the chief executive of Apple. The Department of Health call sitting ‘ a silent killer’ and say it’s as dangerous as smoking, it’s thought that if you sit for more than 8 hours a day it can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes and early death by 15 per cent.

Hands up here! Guilty your honour! I sit hunched at a computer, or using a smartphone, I sit in the car and on the train, at work and again at night, I do take regular breaks, go for walks and do some exercise but when I add up the work time which has to be at a desk where my computer is, I realised something had to change.

Fortunately I met Mike Dilke from Relaxback UK based in Hertfordshire. He is a civil engineer who became fascinated by the body as structure and so he researched into the huge rise in back problems, he believes this is at least in part down to poor posture and sitting for too long in the wrong position. He now sells the adjustable height desk, seems so simple but it means I can make phone calls, use the computer and do everything standing.  For my office companions (the rest of the family) who don’t want to stand they can simple press the button on the side of the wooden desk and it slowly lowers back down. Simple!

Give Mike a call to arrange a demo  07979 248286


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