It was fabulous recently to interview Louise Allen for UK Health Radio (and an exclusive Q&A for our Sober Club members). 



Louise Allen is founder of Rhythm of Beauty, a multi-award winning brand that coaches women to align to the seasons through a unique approach of divine seasonal nutrition, flower essence therapy and goddess rituals, alongside seasonal alignments which are also tied in with the moon cycle. Rhythm of Beauty was born from Louise’s desire to create beautiful skincare that translates the secrets of nature into living products that work in harmony with our skin and well-being. 

Louise is an ‘Alchemist’, she has been called a Flower Whisperer too and her love of plants and flowers is clear. With her knowledge and passion, she has created a complete collection of Seasonal and Celestial products, that are created in tune with the moon cycle, 100% natural, and packaged beautifully in an eco-range of glass packaging, which extends the shelf life of each product naturally. 

Her range includes an award-winning Seasonal Flower Essence to imbue the vibration of the season, working in synergy with the wood element (liver and gall-bladder health), created to uplift and to encourage hope and cheer and renew enthusiasm for life. To ring in love, compassion, protection and safety, and release tension and rigidity- to go with the flow.


flower-essence-autumn (1)


The essence can be taken as a drink in water or added to creams. It can also be applied to the liver meridian and solar plexus chakra. 

It’s beneficial to think seasonally with our skincare as it is with our food. Louise’s Seasonal Day Cream is revolutionary in that it uses the power of flower essences to access facial meridians to release tiredness, facial tension and stress which all contribute to signs of ageing. It’s a complete nutritious cocktail of skin super foods including Shea butter, Aloe Vera, Coco seed butter, powerful antioxidants of Q10, vitamin A and E, and Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil to purify, uplift and boost skin radiance and clarity. 




Louise encourages all of us to align ourselves and embrace Autumnal change. Some of Louise’s’ recommendations include: 

Slowing down and letting go, as the Autumn leaves release, we also need to look at what we need to release in ourselves. We need to nurture ourselves with a lovely ‘Hygge’ environment, light candles and put on those woollies and fluffy socks! 

In terms of nourishment we need to think of the Autumn colours too, and eat root veg, butternut squash, sweet potatoes et al, Louise recommends slow cooked broths, annoyingly I have just got rid of my Aga! (long story!)

We should be thinking of turmeric lattes, and warming vegetable soups. Check out this great recipe for Autumnal Coconut Pumpkin/Squash soup here 



Louise reminded us of the importance of salt in our diet, and suggested we opt for good Himalayan salt, both to take (perhaps as a ‘sole’) and to add to bath water. We looked at liver health (if ditching the booze is on your to-do list check out The Sober Club ), and the importance of getting our greens, Louise recommends all the usual dark green leafy veg but also Spirulina, and Chlorella, and seaweed is extremely good for us, and it’s fine just to use Nori flakes sprinkled onto food.

We should all be ensuring we have enough Magnesium too and can use a magnesium body spray. 

We discussed old fashioned ‘iodine’, Dr Sarah Myhill is a fan of that, as we know it’s a top infection beater. Check out my interview with Dr Sarah Myhill here 

Louise also talked about the importance of essential oils, and how we can use certain fragrances to lift our mood, whether for massage (the perfect self-care for Autumn) or in a diffuser or a burner for our home and environment. 


louise allen uk health radio

Listen to my interview with Louise here