Let me ask you a question – would you go to any dentist in any town for your routine check-up? Are you happy to go to any hairdresser who has an appointment? The answer will be no! – we do business with those we like, know and trust!

As customers we want to know if we can ‘like, know and trust’ the companies we buy from so in this series we ask the person behind some of my favourite natural and organic companies to step out into the spotlight

It’s the turn of Linda Booth from Just For Tummies

Tell us about yourself and your company…

I’m 56 years old and have been a complementary medicine practitioner, specialising in digestive and gut health for almost 25 years. I have developed my own range of probiotics and digestive health food supplements and launched Just For Tummies in August, 2015.

charcoal-1The range includes Live Bacteria probiotic capsules, plant-based Digestive Enzyme tablets, super-high strength Omega 3 fish oil capsules, high-strength Garlic tablets, Milk Thistle tablets, Activated Charcoal capsules, natural Fibre tablets, and my delicious bio-degradable pyramid ‘IBS’ Tummy Tea, containing herbs and spices that soothe and calm an irritated tummy including liquorice root, ginger root, fennel seed, cardomon seed, carom seed, fenugreek seed and black peppercorns.

Just For Tummies also has a 30 day ‘starter’ Perfect Balance Kit to treat the symptoms of chronic a-calming-cup-hi-resIrritable Bowel Syndrome, as well as a Seasonal Survival Kit to help manage over-indulgence over the Christmas period, and the ‘A Calming Cup’ tea/mug gift set.

How did you get started? What were you doing in a previous life?

I left secretarial college at the age of 17 armed with qualifications in Pitman shorthand and typewriting and went to work for a well known Bank, before leaving in 1992 to pursue a career in natural medicine.

Why natural / organic / sustainable?

We are surrounded by pollution, in the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. The body cannot ‘identify’ a substance that is synthetic and it will set up an immune response to it, potentially causing a weakness in the body and ultimately a diseased state. We must try to keep the body healthy and in balance. I developed my Just For Tummies products for this very reason. The products are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, with the exception of my Omega 3 fish oil capsules, and are lactose and gluten-free.

What’s your USP? What sets you apart from your competitors?

Almost 25 years in clinical practice, over 35,000 consultations and treatments, specialising in digestive and gut health. Sorting the wheat from the chaff when it came to developing a range of probiotics and digestive health supplements that get results! I still run a busy digestive health clinic, enabling me to stay close to my patients. I learn just as much from them as they do from me.

What kind of feedback you have received from clients?


Life-changing. I will share a customer Review with you from Mr. C. Foster:

After a decade of IBS type symptoms and a diagnosis of Proctitis I was losing the hope of ever having my situation resolved. Medical intervention helped by way of oral Mesalazine. However, I was looking for a more natural approach and had tried every diet and other method I could find. These new Live Bacteria probiotics from Linda have had amazing results for me in just two weeks. No more medicine, bowel movements returning to normal. Gone is the lethargy and lots more energy. Simply amazing.

What’s the next big launch / project coming up for you?

Launching my new strain-specific, multi-strain probiotic for women in January. Watch this space.

What’s your big dream?

To increase the awareness of the importance of strain-specific probiotics in the management of not just live-bac-proppeddigestive and gut disorders, but improving our general health and wellbeing too. Recent research is linking the health of our gut bacteria to conditions and diseases as diverse as dementia, urinary tract infections, type II diabetes, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, eczema and many more. The gut microbiome is of huge importance, neglect it at our peril. If I were Jeremy Hunt, the Health Minister, I would be adding probiotics to the water supplies.

Where can we find your products ?

At Just For Tummies here: www.justfortummies.co.uk Just For Tummies products are also available from The Natural Dispensary:  www.naturaldispensary.co.uk and MyShowcase:  www.myshowcase.com



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