If you are busy, or have a family it can be exhausting sorting out meals, for years I talked about having a proper meal plan, but it never really happened, I loved this guest post by a US writer..Janey

You’re tired of always being the decision-maker when it comes to figuring out what to cook for dinner. It may seem like a small item on your to-do list, but think of the mental effort it takes to continually come up with something “different” that pleases everybody, while trying to recall exactly what ingredients you already have or need to get. A few crafty tactics can help you get this drag of a chore done more easily, or possibly take it off your list entirely.

Rely on a Routine

Is finding the mental energy to make a meal decision at the end of a busy day your main objection to the dinner dilemma? In that case, pre-planning and repetition may be the keys to solving your problem. If your family doesn’t complain about having the same thing over and over again, why not lean into predictability? Make a weekly or monthly list of dinners, and make the same things every week. When everybody is thoroughly fed up with a certain recipe, put something else in its place in the lineup.

Make Your Pantry Your Meal Planner

Clever homemakers know that a properly stocked pantry can be a lifesaver when you’ve had no chance to plan a meal ahead of time. One way that keeping your pantry full helps is just by ensuring that you will have most or all of what you need to make whatever you finally decide on. Another thing a pantry can provide is a last-minute source of inspiration. What have you got? That’s what’s for dinner! Just make sure that whatever you “shop” from your pantry hasn’t been sitting around too long and is still safe to eat.

Reach for Internet Inspiration

When you’re seeking an escape from the responsibility of choosing a dinner that pleases everyone, why not let the internet take over the job? Maybe you feel like your brain’s recipe generator has run out of juice, or maybe you can’t get everyone to agree on what they want. The easiest solution might be to browse the most popular or highest-rated recipes on a site like the Kitchen Community. As soon as you find a recipe that makes you think, “That sounds good,” your search is over.  There are also some fascinating articles which give super useful tips such as Whats the best water to rice ratio, for White, Basmati and Jasmine rice – I mean, who knows that!!!

Make Someone Else the Decider

Sometimes getting out from under the burden of always being the one to do something is as simple as asking (or telling) someone else to take a turn! If your family has always assumed you’re the one to come up with dinner ideas, it’s time to upend those assumptions! Assigning each person a specific day to choose the dinner menu usually works better than springing the question on someone at the last minute. This approach may have the added benefit of making your kids feel empowered while encouraging them to think of others. If you’re on your own, ask a friend, co-worker or neighbor for inspiration, and be willing to take their advice.

Being expected to spend your time and energy on coming up with something new for dinner every day can feel burdensome and unfair. Simplifying your routine, planning ahead and asking for some backup can lighten your load and make dinnertime something to look forward to rather than dread.