I’m excited to announce my new book, the latest in the series co-authored with Beverley Densham Stress to Calm in 7 minutes for Teachers. Buy it HERE

Calling all teachers. Stop what you’re doing right now. Yes. Stop!
Are you a teacher feeling overwhelmed and stressed at work. Do you struggle to find time for yourself amidst juggling everything a full day of teaching brings? We understand the unique challenges teachers face every day and we are excited to share with you our new book which we promise can help.

We’ve designed this practical step-by-step guide taking you through 7 one-minute tools to help you work through stress and find more peace and balance.

Many teachers are feeling overwhelmed at work. They tell us they are finding it difficult to balance the demands of their job, the demands of the children, the demands of being short staffed, the demands of the lack of adequate budgets, and not to mention the long hours that can affect their personal life. We know how busy they are. We know how challenging teaching can be. We also know that teachers love to teach, they love the job but most just want to find a way to release some of their stress.
The tools in this book can be used anytime and anywhere – whether in the workplace, the classroom or at home. We show the science and benefits behind each tool and demonstrate just how powerful they can be. We promise teachers will see real improvements in their stress levels, work-life balance, and overall mental health and wellbeing.

Teachers are amazing humans. Teachers are multi-taskers. Teachers are carers for the children and young people they teach. Teachers are often so stressed and exhausted that their wellbeing is only a priority when it’s at crisis point. In just minutes you can find your calm with these fabulous exercises.
Teachers, please look after yourselves. Please be kind to yourselves. Invest your time in finding support for your wellbeing and help yourselves to move from Stress to Calm. It’s now my ‘go to’ pocketbook. Why not make it yours.
Nina Jackson
Teacher/Education Consultant/Mental Health and Wellbeing Advisor

Join the Stress to Calm revolution today and start living a more stress-free life!

This book completes the series of little books, which include Stress to Calm in 7 minutes for Lawyers, and for Nurses

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Janey Lee Grace author, speaker, and former co-presenter on BBC Radio 2’s Steve Wright in the Afternoon for 24 years. She was a backing singer with Wham! Kim Wilde and Boy George had her own number 8 chart hit as Cola Boy with 7 Ways to Love, Janey has written five books on Holistic living including the number One Amazon best seller Imperfectly Natural Woman and her latest book is Happy Healthy Sober which encourages everyone to look again at their relationship with alcohol. Janey offers coaching and Sober Coach Training and is trained in EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting and NLP.

Beverley Densham author of a number of books to include I Talk to Angels is an inspirational speaker, Mindfulness Pilates teacher and runs workshops and classes with her company Mindfulness Pilates. She works within schools teaching health and well-being to teachers and the support staff. She regularly contributes articles to holistic and lifestyle magazines. She has a degree in Sports Science from University of Brighton.

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