Us Brit’s as a population have around 9 million dogs as pets, 1 million more than the UK cat population. Pet owners are well aware of the costs of taking care of a loved pet, particularly vets fees and insurance costs which can run into hundreds if not thousands!

Health care is something that we may be very aware of for ourselves but have you considered the same for your dog – it’s surprising how much you could control vet and insurance costs if you make an effort to provide your dog with heath care.

This is now made easier with a great new range of products made right here in the UK, specially designed and manufactured for your pet’s health. Natural Petcare, founded and managed by Soo Archer and her team in Northamptonshire launched their brand new website in January 2016. This wonderful range of totally natural products covers a whole range of solutions for General Wellbeing, Aches & Pains, Hygiene and Nutrition.

Under the General Wellbeing range the company offers products for anti-parasitic worming, ear drops, flea and tick repellent and even a version of Rescue Remedy for Pets.

Healthcare For Pets

For pets that suffer from aches, pains, ageing joints and even unexpected injuries, they have created the unique PetPulse nerve and muscle stimulating massage which uses pulsed electromagnetic waves to soothe– it works comfortably for both dogs and cats.

Natural Petcare Products

PetPulse Neem and Coconut Shampoo takes care of the hygiene challenge! Its lovely aroma goes a long way to making your dog smell sweeter.

Natural Petcare even have a solution for treating lawns that are damaged by dog urine (acid in the urine can burn the blades of grass) – Dog Rocks – simply popped into your dog’s water bowl and after day or so, your dog’s wee is no longer a lawn burner!

Dooup device allows you to collect up pet poo regularly (without having to touch a single thing) and at the same time disinfect your lawn, so that the chances of diseases are much reduced.

When it comes to nutrition many dogs will eat anything whether it’s good or bad for them. Natural Petcare have invested time and money into developing PetPulse food-state Holistic Dog Supplement, an incredible supplement that covers the complete health spectrum, including for joints and muscles in addition to nutritional needs. The only product in the world that provides such a holistic care regime and developed in the UK! SF4 capsules take care of joints and muscles without the added nutritional benefits.

Natural Supplements for Pets

Delicious and natural treats made from all-natural ingredients and do not contain any animal by-products are scrumptious, freshly baked and bite-sized, perfect for both pampering and training. Natural Petcare really have thought of everything for your beloved pets wellbeing.

All of these wonderful, innovative products can only be seen and purchased via the website and you can also see them featured in Dogs Today magazine which is in most major UK supermarkets