After many years of planning, research and experimentation we are able to offer the fabulous seven serums.  The serums have been formulated not only to help with many skin care issues but also to be truly holistic by incorporating essential oils that help to balance the body’s energy system.  The serums smell divine, will help to make your skin glow and have been enhanced with beautiful coloured Swarovski Elements crystals.


My verdict… I loved these beautiful silky soft oils, daily pampering at its finest.

I’m a big fan of facial serums and it’s wonderful to find a full set in a beautiful presentation box.  This elegant collection from Synergy Skinfood is called Seven Serums because there’s one for each day of the week and a unique touch is that they are colour coded – with  Swarovki Elements crystals no less!

It’s often the case that when skincare and beauty products are luxurious and beautiful they also contain synthetic chemicals – not so here.  These serums are 100 per cent natural and contain essential oils, botanical extracts, and added vitamins A C and E.  They contain Sea Buckthorn oil known for its anti-ageing properties.   Serums contain super active ingredients to get the nutrients to exactly where they are needed and these contain super active ingredients to help stimulate collagen production plus flower and herb extracts.

Rather cleverly each serum has been formulated to correspond with a day of the week…

Monday – its Vitalise containing Ginger and Black Pepper to energise.

Tuesday – its Nourish containing Rosehip Seed Oil

Wednesday – it Uplift, containing oils that lift the skin and the spirit.

Thursday – its Balance, this contains many oils to balance the female hormonal system

Friday – its Enliven containing stimulating oils

Saturday – Indulge, containing very indulgent and expensive Tuberose, Cacao (innovative!) and oils of Vanilla.

Sunday – its Renew containing regenerating oils of Frankincense, Myrrh and Lotus

These serums really are a treat for your skin, they look gorgeous o

n your bathroom shelf and the lovely little glass roller ball offers direct application to the skin and there’s minimum wastage.   I apply just after cleansing, I found the serum sinks in quickly and left my skin feeling silky soft and smooth, just wait a minute before applying makeup.


Treat yourself and buy some as pressies too!