If you’re interested in good nutrition (who isn’t?) have a listen to my podcast Alcohol Free Life with Dale Pinnock, aka The Medicinal Chef, he is the go-to expert in the field of nutritious cooking. As the pre-eminent voice in eating for good health, he begins with the basics of putting a good diet together to kick-start your health and wellbeing

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We talk about the building blocks of good nutrition and how to boost your immunity and wellbeing after ditching the booze, Dale had his own journey, realising that his drinking was becoming an unhealthy habit when he suffered grief, and he explains candidly how he went about researching the effects of alcohol and rethinking his own behaviour.

In his latest book Fakeaways, Dale brings us healthy budget friendly ideas for guilt free versions of burgers, curries, pasta and more.  Fakeaways is published by Octopus Books

Whats your festive alcohol free tipple?

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Want to try some of the trending alcohol free drinks?  Janey reviews some of the offerings from Sainsbury’s who have a growing selection, and there is a special offer for podcast listeners to get a free 4 pack of DASH sparkling water with wonky lemons with your shopping, (while stocks last till 31st Dec) check out the podcast and the show notes