My Verdict… ‘An independent and ethical company with a rich history of outstanding quality and purity in their products.  Supplements from people who care’

I’m passionate about recommending high quality vitamins without fillers and nasties, and I’m pleased to have discovered G&G Vitamins. It started as a small mail order business in David and Sheila Gaiman’s Sussex home, but has grown to be one of the largest encapsulated manufacturers in the UK. Along the way, the company has passed milestones and achieved several firsts in the ever-growing field of nutrition, whilst still maintaining its independent status.G0100 G0101 G0102 G0338

They developed the Trufil® capsule – a process which meant absolutely no binders or excipients were added to any formula. They go to great lengths to ensure that they only use the finest ingredients available – in fact, G&G was the first company to be registered to produce organic encapsulated herbs in the UK by the Soil Association and the first to bring sublingual supplements to the UK market as well as daily packs of supplements. What’s great about G&G is that they believe in the purity of the raw materials and to that end use no heat in the manufacturing of the capsules, no binders, colourants or diluents

G&G’s principal products are the Organic Essential Food with organic B vitamins, Cal-M and Mega 2000, a multivitamin and mineral formula containing over 45 individual vitamins and minerals, Probiotics and IM 90 (another comprehensive formula of vitamins and minerals.)

Organic Essential Food was recently shortlisted for the Natural and Organic Products Europe Health and Nutrition Award.

Check out their great video about how the Vitamins are made on their site: