I’ve been a fan of Jason Vale the Juicemaster for years, he transformed my life – literally, some years ago when I went on my first juice detox retreat to Juicy Mountain in Turkey, I’ve since been back several times and in more recent years to the fabulous Juicy Oasis in Portugal.

I am still a big fan of juicing, drinking fresh fruit and veg juices, either as a detox programme or just in addition to a regular diet to ensure that you get the maximum amount of good nutrition straight to the cells and I’ve been writing about it since before Kale has its own publicist!  Jason is still the  the world’s number one name in juicing, he is back with his first ever protein-based blending plan. It’s been specifically developed for people who want to get super lean, super healthy and super-fast … but don’t want to clean a juicer!

I was intrigued to read this book because I’ve only ever juiced the ingredients that I couldn’t usually eat enough of (broccoli, kale, sprouts etc) and blended soft fruits and the like to make it into a smoothie, so for example I would often juice apple, courgette, kale, lemon and fresh ginger, then I would blend it with avocado and yoghurt to make a super nutritious smoothie.

In this plan everything is blended, and designed for speed and ease of use. It doesn’t matter if you have an enormous amount of weight to lose, or just want to get a little healthier.


jason vale superblend me


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Super Blend Me!

Jason tried out the recipes on several people before launching the programme and the results were amazing, the book cover heralds the success of Paul B who lost 161bs, his body fat was down 3 per cent and his muscle mass up by 2 per cent.

It’s a comprehensive book with recipes as diverse as The Creamy Nut Butter Protein Blast, the Mint Choc Tahini Beaney, and there are recipes for some great energy snacks such as the Pecan Power balls.

The good news is that all of the ingredients can be conveniently found in any major supermarket and are all recognisable, so there’s no need to forage for designer berries that can only be found in an Amazonian rainforest!

You can choose from a 7, 10, 14 or full 21-day ‘Super Blend Me! ‘Challenge depending on your goals, and there’s a journal included to log your progress.

Even if you don’t have weight to lose and would rather just add the odd smoothie into your diet, the recipes are fabulous, I’m off to try the Rapsberry Coconut shake. Yum!

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Super Blend Me!
…in fact get one for a friend!