Discover the healing power of magnets with jewellery that is elegantly designed and effective for wellbeing.

I’ve been a fan of magnets for a long while, writing about the benefits in my first book Imperfectly Natural Woman 10 years ago, I’m really aware that magnets can play a part in revitalizing the body through ensuring the body’s circulation is efficient.   Blood circulation ensures almost all the processes within the human body, providing oxygen, vitamins and enzymes and so healthy blood circulation is vital to feeling full of life, the only problem is how do we access the benefits?

This is where magnetic power comes into play as wearing magnetic jewellery and accessories can be said to stimulate the blood flow which in turn helps deliver more nutrients to the body which has a positive effect on the healing process.

This explains why so many different ‘general symptoms’ affecting the body, such as insomnia, arthritis, sports injuries, migraine, menstrual pains, mood swings and tiredness have been said to feel improved by the wearing of magnets close to the body.

Until now the only problem has been that the magnetic accessories available were rather ‘functional’ and not particularly attractive to wear.  Bring onto the scene the awesome Magnetix Wellness – great looking jewellery and accessories that also happen to be super good for us!

MAGNETIX WELLNESS was founded in 1999 by Petra Döring after Petra suffered herself from ill health and found that the wearing of magnets had a positive effect on her wellbeing. Petra decided to combine her love of beautiful jewellery with the power of magnets to create a collection of jewellery and accessories that are worn today by more than ten million customers including men, women and children of all ages.


From bracelets and chains to rings and earrings the collection combines great design and efficacy, the wellbeing comes from magnets and copper (known for its natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties) with each item being equipped with the highest quality and strength magnets.

Not all magnets are the same and Magnetix products are fitted with particularly durable neodymium magnets which are among the strongest in the world.


Pieces are designed to complement each other and can be worn together, flexible and elegant, they will always fit, they’re easy to slip over even swollen joints and rings can be worn comfortably with swollen fingers. Sparkling zirconia stones are used in many of the designs making a timeless design classic, perfect for a glamorous look and even in years ahead they will be beautiful and effective.



Magnetism also affects animals and many animals such as migratory birds, ants, bees and whales orientate themselves by the earth‘s magnetic field. Magnetix have a range of accessories to help vitalize dogs and cats and help any wounds to heal. Beautiful collar jewellery can be easily adapted to the collar and includes powerful neodymium magnets which have a positive influence on the blood flow and help when suffering from joint pain or muscle tensions.

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Water is another source where magnets can have a powerful impact. High quality water is important for the whole metabolism, it’s the elixir of life for cells, health and youth. Excessive acids and pollutants can be more easily washed out through magnetic water.  For magnetised water whether at home or on the go simply dip one of the beautiful magnetic sticks into your water glass and stir –  concentrated energy for your daily wellbeing.

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