Happy Birthday to The Sober Club it has been an amazing two years and thank you to everyone who is part of it and who has cheered me on! 

When I started it, I didn’t have high expectations, I figured if a few people got to feel inspired and encouraged then I’d share more of my knowledge, I actually found it amazing that a bunch of people were waiting for the opening day and are still with us 2 years later! 

Most of you know my story, that despite being Queen of natural health and writing books and running my website on holistic living, I was drinking every day and waking at 3am berating myself! I felt bloated, tired, anxious, and terrified of getting older! (Going to happen though right!) and my world felt as though it was getting smaller. I finally ditched the booze Dec 31, 2018 and felt like I had found the missing piece of the holistic health jigsaw. After years promoting organic food, skincare without chemicals, cleaning without the toxins, organic clothing, even eco toys and meditation, I had been stepping around the elephant in the room that was literally blocking me from living my best life. 

Now I spend most of my waking hours thinking about how best I can inspire and encourage others to find the peace I have found, because when you face this demon, you really can start to focus on everything else. Honestly…If only someone had told me how freaking fantastic life without the booze is! 


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In January 2019 I started my podcast Alcohol Free Life. In July, that same year I gave my first TEDx talk Sobriety Rocks – Who Knew! (It’s had not far off a million views! Please watch and give it a thumbs up!) My first book on this topic Happy Healthy Sober was published in April 2021 and the audio book is out soon! 

HHS final cover-2 with foreword by Denise Welch


Would your life be better physically and emotionally without alcohol? If your answer is yes … what’s holding you back?  

Wherever you are on your sober journey The Sober Club inspires you to live your best life without the booze. 

It has a full member portal accessible to members at any time, and we have an incredible group of members, an inspiring private Facebook group where we engage regularly, it’s not so big that you get lost, I read every single post, and we have great competitions to win alcohol free drinks or goodies. 

I’ve often been asked ‘How come this is the friendliest supportive non-judgmental group I have ever been part of? I put a lot of energy into this club, and I believe the right people find it! It really is the place to join if you need and want support, accountability, inspiration and amazing content.  

We have an online course included Get the Buzz without the Booze which runs across 90 days, if you are already sober the principles work for other behavior change too. We have regular zoom coaching and social sessions that cover meditation and mindfulness, exercise, sleep, relaxation, treatments, relationships, sex and how to get social. 

I often invite experts to share their wisdom and offer exclusive Q&A sessions which are gold! Over the last couple of years, we have had exclusive sessions from a leading nutritionist, gut health expert, a food addiction coach, a forgiveness expert, a numerology expert, a psychologist sharing tips on happiness and so much more…..plus we have videos offering content from authors such as William Porter from Alcohol Explained and hypnosis audios from leading hypnotherapists Glenn Harrold and Ailsa Frank. 

I also offer retreats currently at Champneys in Herts and ‘Sober by the Sea’ days in Essex, and 1-1 coaching in grey area drinking recovery, NLP and EFT & health coaching. I really am here to support you with it all! 




AND when you join you will get fabulous gifts worth over £50 – with some extra special goodies if you join before the end of today 7th September! 

You can join us for one month and then cancel, you still get the gifts worth £50!  Check it out, join the Facebook group and see if it resonates. You can also grab our new free guide: 9 ways to combat FOMO (fear of missing out).

Join our community HERE and live the life you really want 

‘Since joining this club I have changed so much, who would have thought I would enjoy connecting with Angels, changing my diet to a much healthier one, actually doing couch to 5k, starting to meditate, enrolling in a creative writing course, meeting the most amazing people and focusing on health and happiness instead of fearing my menopause! Thank you, Janey!’