On these series of blog posts I will be sharing my story, bringing you some great product and book reviews and encouraging you to look at your relationship with alcohol.  These suggestions aren’t for you if you are clinically alcohol dependent, but they are definitely for you if you are functioning well, generally ok, but you feel you drink too much, or too often.  You want to be free of the desire to drink.  Sounds impossible right?   If you are regularly drinking too much, it can feel impossible but trust me, alcohol steals your joy, and being free from it can open you to a whole new world of possibility.

Brand new podcast just launched! Janey Lee Grace Alcohol Free Life brings you great guests, sober heros experts and quit lit authors,  inspiration,  motivation and self care tips – perfect for you if you’re cutting down or quitting the booze or just ‘sobercurious’

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Make 2019 your best year yet – planning to do Dry January 2019 ? map out your diary NOW.   I am working with the fabulous Club Suda and I am going to be presenting and interviewing some awesome people at The Mindful Drinking Festival in London on the weekend of Jan 12 /13   Here’s a chance to taste the new wave of alcohol-free and low alcohol drinks now available, including beers, spirits, and a host of drinks invented by radical alchemists – kombuchas, shrubs and elixirs.

Come along to this FREE festival, in association with Adnams, to sample (and stockpile) some incredible beverage wizardry from forward-thinking mixologists, venues and drinks producers – and to hear celebs and bloggers share their experiences of Mindful Drinking. This is the perfect event for the booze-free crowds, moderate drinkers, sober curious, parents-to-be, fitness fanatics, and Dry January-ers.  Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival  In association with Adnams   Come and meet me at the Motivational Stage.

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So you’re planning Dry January?  Why not #staydrytillluly? 

Through January I’ve teamed up with an amazing charity My Yard who provide healthy food for people in crisis.  Their new project is called Stay Dry till July.  I am championing a ‘#selfcareinsobriety January Insta competition   Every day through Jan there will be an opportunity to win a prize that we are selecting from brands to assist you in some way to stay dry, not just for January but beyond…at least until Dry July….we reckon if you make it that far, you will have successfully changed your relationship with alcohol and probably wont want to look back!

stay dry2

Rachel Dimond the founder of My Yard Charity says…

When you are in crisis, eating well can be the lowest of priorities.  A good diet combined with healthy lifestyle choices is often the first thing to go during a crisis.  My Yard offer a helping hand to get your back on track.  With an increasing number of people isolated and not able to access help either from friends, family or organisations such as churches, charities etc. My Yard fills the gap when things spiral out of control and there is no-one else to turn to. We believe that whatever your situation, eating well and exercise is key to good mental and physical health.

Using surplus food, an allotment, available spaces and kind chefs, My Yard deliver personalised boxes fresh fruit, veg and and other staples, mostly rescued from surplus. The community allotment brings individuals together to exercise and grow organic produce. Regular cooking workshops and trips to restaurants inspire young people to cook from scratch.  Community lunches are cooked using surplus supplies, with therapists offering free treatments in reflexology etc. bring together local people increasing social mobility and community building.

We care about your self-care!

Launching Stay Dry till July

My Yard is thrilled to announce a new project from January 2019.  Increasing numbers of people recognise the need to drink less and opt for Dry January, but end up counting the days till they can start again.  But why give up alcohol just for a month?, With so many other options available and a growing number of adults frustrated with themselves for having too much too often, or bowing down to social pressure  we are welcoming BBC Radio 2 presenter, author and holistic living expert Janey Lee Grace  as our ambassador.  Janey, who quit drinking for Dry January and never went back…will be hosting a series of Live Streamed discussions and tips to stay in good health and spirits (The alcohol free kind!) whilst letting go of unwanted habits. 

So watch this space for more on the #staydrytilljuly project and follow us on Instagram

@janeyleegrace  @myyardcharity #staydrytilljuly

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