I was interested to read an article by Dr Martin Scurr in The Mail, recently.

The great health screen rip-off: ‘When the Mail’s GP was offered a physical for £129, he signed up – but what he discovered will disturb you’…this was the title and it seems Martin was less than impressed by the treatment he received when he contacted a private company for health screening. It was from one of the many clinics across the UK that offer health screening checks to asses everything from liver and kidney function, heart disease and stroke though to diabetes, cholesterol and metabolism.

Presumably in the name of research he booked himself in, but found it was severely lacking for the high cost involved, not least the fact that they didn’t bother to find out anything at all about family history, the patient’s lifestyle or any historical indicators. Literally no medical history was taken!

He didn’t get his results until almost 6 weeks after the screening which might cause anxiety, and he was advised to see his GP about a few things that were flagged up.

As Martin says, in his opinion it’s far better to protect your health by taking regular cardiovascular exercise, eating good amounts of fruit and veg daily, cutting back on the usual culprits and seeing your GP if there are any symptoms. I’d add to that list…what you CAN do is take a simple, easy to use blood test at home. Men are typically a bit backwards at coming forwards when it comes to getting tested, even if they have worrying symptoms and rather than wait, or put unnecessary pressure on the NHS you can choose to do tests at home.  


I persuaded my own husband to try the Medichecks blood test and it totally put his mind at rest. For me, it’s a bit like getting your car MOT’d, it just has to be done yearly and you just might spot anything potentially worrying.

The Medichecks service is brilliant, easy to use, yet state of the art blood testing, and they definitely DO take note of lifestyle factors, medical history et al and they provide comprehensive results (mine landed on the dashboard within a week) compiled by medical doctors who flag up problems, offer advice, and of course suggest you seek further medical guidance where needed.

It’s a great service, encouraging us all to take a bit more responsibility and relieve some of the burden on the NHS, who let’s face it can’t do ‘preventative’ blood tests constantly for everyone, interestingly the majority of Medicheck’s customers are men, whether for sports performance testing or wellness.

Guys put your mind at rest, and don’t bother to rock up to a clinic as Martin did, and gals persuade your guy – everyone can rest easy then!

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4597558/The-health-screen-rip-personal-MOTs-worth-it.html#ixzz4jtmoq3qL


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