The current pandemic has affected us all, there’s no doubt. Many are fearful of the virus, but fear itself is also contagious.  Being in lockdown may have felt safe for some, but it may also cause feelings of depression, loneliness, and hopelessness. Here’s a guest post to suggest a few ways you can keep a positive attitude and occupy your mind.

1. Spend Time With Pets

Your companion animals can lift your mood and help you feel less lonely, especially if you live alone. They can also improve your overall health, as many tests have shown that owning a pet can actually lengthen your lifespan and reduce the risk of certain illnesses. You can strengthen the bond with your pet by making up new games, practicing obedience commands, and including them in your indoor family activities.  If you have neighbours who aren’t able to walk their dogs, this is a great time to offer some assistance and do yourself a great favour too!

2. Learn a New Language

If you plan to travel once such bans are lifted, then there may never be a better time to learn a new language. Online classes, phone apps, and audiobooks can all help you master Spanish, French, or Italian. Share lessons with your kids so you can learn together and make the act of learning a fun family experience.

3. Indulge in a Hobby

A busy life sometimes means that beloved hobbies sometimes fall by the wayside, but this time could give you the chance to rediscover the ones you once loved. Uncover your old sewing machine, pick up that guitar you meant to learn years ago, work on those poems, or revive a novel that has been languishing in a drawer and spend time improving or completing it. You may even learn to make more time for these pastimes once the pandemic ends.

4. Play Brain Games

There is no doubt the watching of TV shows has increased during lockdown, but becoming a couch potato may not be the best way to boost your brain power!  Consider using some of your newfound free time to play some brain game apps and online puzzles to keep your mind sharp. Word searches, trivia games, and crossword puzzles may not only pass the time, but they can also prevent boredom eating or other negative behaviors that might cause you harm.

The unprecedented events of the COVID-19 outbreak have likely changed your life in ways you never thought possible. Finding positive ways to make use of quarantine time can help you cope until the dangers of the virus pass.

Selfcare and personal development is SO key. If you are struggling reach out for help and remember don’t try and compare your lockdown experience with others. We’re all different!

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