Let me ask you a question – would you go to any dentist in any town for your routine check-up? Are you happy to go to any hairdresser who has an appointment? The answer will be no! – we do business with those we like, know and trust!

As customers we want to know if we can ‘like, know and trust’ the companies we buy from, so in this series we ask the person behind some of my favourite natural and organic companies to step out into the spotlight.

It’s the turn of Catherine Mulcahy from Yourtonic Ltd

Tell us about yourself and your company…

I have always had a keen interest in a natural way of living but don’t get me wrong I am not a saint. I have been working in this industry for close on 15 years now and the creativity and pursuit of excellence by people in the industry from the producers to the health trade has never ceased to amaze me.

I have gained enormous experience over the years while working within this industry and this has enabled me to put together a selection of products which I consider to be the best of what’s on offer out there and more importantly what I believe genuinely delivers positive benefits and/or results.

Yourtonic Ltd is only about working with health and beauty products that use ‘genuinely’ natural ingredients, deliver results and offer excellent value for money.

How did you get started?

I started on a part-time basis whilst still doing my role as Sales/Marketing Director for Wholefoods Wholesale (the largest wholesaler in Ireland for natural health products). I then was in a position to move full time into Yourtonic Ltd as the business started to grow and thankfully my former employer were very understanding about this and we continue to have a good relationship and they also wholesale my products in Ireland.

What were you doing in a previous life?

I love travel and previous to this I worked for Enterprise Ireland in Korea/Australasia helping Irish companies to develop business there. I also did a stint as Guinness Ambassador which was a very popular role trying to get Australians to pour the perfect pint!

Why natural / organic / sustainable?

It’s really important for me personally to try and resolve any health or beauty issues naturally via supplementation, diet and lifestyle. Of course there is a role for conventional medicine, however I will always try and exhaust the complementary path first. A more natural product in the true sense is going to be more symbiotic with your body as in principle if the product uses the right ingredients in the right potency in an absorbable format, then it will agree more with our bodies. I visited China many years ago and it was great to see this in action in hospitals where both medicines were being utilised side by side. I would love to see more of that over here where conventional practitioners training incorporates more of this type of learning.

What’s your USP? What sets you apart from your competitors?

When I developed YourBeautyTonic for me it was really important to adhere to what my company stands for which is offering customers products that tick the boxes of efficacy, naturalness of ingredients and value for money. I feel that we have delivered that and of course I will only sell something I use myself as if you wouldn’t take it how would you expect other people to?

What kind of feedback you have received from clients?

We have had great testimonials. Just yesterday a store rang me up to say a customer of theirs had popped in to say thanks re YourBeautyTonic and also offered to give us a testimonial if we wanted. She had been taking it for a couple of months and when she went back to school (she was a teacher) everyone was asking what she was taking as she received numerous compliments for her skin, hair and nails. Ironically she was taking it for collagen for her troubled elbows and knees so was taken by surprise by the compliments for her skin, hair and nails! This is what I love about our job when we receive positive feedback as it makes me feel very proud of the product I developed and genuinely offers people an alternative route for healthy beauty apart from Botox and other injectables. We believe the positive way forward is to be the best possible version of yourself so we are just enhancing what you already have!

What’s the next big launch / project coming up for you?

We would like to launch a range of food supplements under the Yourtonic banner and are currently working on one as we speak. We would also like to extend the distribution of YourBeautyTonic to UK as currently we are in stores in Ireland including Boots Ireland.

What’s your big dream?

I think the dream is kinda simple for me – just to be happy and enjoy what I am doing both at work and in life.

Where can we find your products?

You can find all our products online at www.yourtonic.com and we also list our stockists on there. We also sell on Amazon UK.