Thomas Teetotal is a premium ready-to-enjoy non-alcoholic cocktail in a can. An Italian-style alcohol-free pre-mixed aperitif spritz cocktail made with only natural ingredients with no artificial flavours or sweeteners. Their sister brand Thomas Tipple creates some of the finest canned coctails and they wanted to offer the same quality and taste without the alcohol.




Keeping up with current bar trends, Thomas Teetotal set out to create Britain’s finest canned cocktail, replicating the high quality served in bars across the world, with the freedom of being able to enjoy it at a picnic, on a train, watching the sunset… a light yet a special indulgence wherever you are.  




No matter the time or place, you deserve 100% greatness and quality from a drink. This mission led Thomas Teetotal to replicate their first Aperitif Spritz using quality ingredients, working with a talented mixologist from a top London bar to achieve the same taste, texture and sophistication of a bar quality cocktail.  

An Alcohol-Free Aperitif Spritz using naturally sourced ingredients with a single serve in recyclable slimline cans. Each 250ml can is under 60 calories and less than 3grams of sugar.  




The Thomas Teetotal Alcohol-Free Aperitif Spritz starts with a fresh citrus-led nose with notes of grapefruit and mandarin. This evolves into an aromatic citrus taste that is punctuated with clean and crisp white wine style notes. The gentle bitter notes give complexity and length, creating a refreshing yet complex finish. Best served chilled, poured in a glass with ice and garnish or, better still, straight from the can.

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