As clients, we want to know if we can “like, know and trust” the businesses we buy from and the people whose services we use, so in this series we talk to the Changemakers who are making a difference in the world and ask them to step out into the spotlight to tell us their story.

It’s the turn of Nadia Smith from True To Our Roots Qi Gong.

Tell us about yourself and what you do?

I am a Tui Na (and acupressure) master practitioner and qualified Qi Gong instructor with over 25 years’ experience. I have been practicing these Traditional Chinese healing arts in my clinic since 1999.  I have a large toolbox to help with my students’ and clients’ Self-Healing journey, amongst which are Cranio-Sacral therapy, non-invasive Skeletal Re-aligning, Psoas or Core Muscles and Trauma Releasing Exercises.

As the owner of two metal hip replacements I have gained a great deal of wisdom with regards on how to maintain them and how to re-address our bodies to help function with flexibility and agility once again.

How did you get started?

When our son was born prematurely, 38 years ago, he was diagnosed at 4 months old with Cerebral Palsy, which decided my career not only as his mum, but also his occupational and physiotherapist, which I followed through until he was 21 years of age. In our quest to finding the best therapies to help improve our son’s quality of life my own vocation was taking shape! So, while he attended college and then a Performing Arts Centre for young disabled artists for six years, I re-educated myself into the Healing Arts in order to help the public.

When my son was 14 years old he asked me to heal his headache by putting my hands on his head! Till then I had no idea that I even had a healing ability, which was the reason I started to explore various healing modalities.

What were you doing in a previous life?

When I met my husband, I studied and qualified as a Translator and Interpreter. A career which never happened, however!

When our son was four months old, we went to live in Africa to start our new life in the bush where my husband was a secondary school teacher.  When our son was three years old I became a Fitness Instructor in Africa and continued this part-time career until he was in his late teens, in Hungary and England.

Why Holistic?

Because the healing methods I use consider the whole person, especially following the wisdom of Chinese Medicine which is based on the principle that we are connected to nature, and the theory of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water).  It is a complex philosophy but a sensible one which I experience daily and simplify in order to help the public understand the wisdom of our body.

What’s your USP? What sets you apart from your competitors?

My Marketing Manager calls me The Energy Cultivator!

What sets me apart is that I guide people to find their inherited self-healing powers so they can take responsibility for their own health and healing. Once they feel it and their body regains its freedom, it helps to empower each person in the most magical way reducing the need to see any therapists for physical and mental/emotional corrections.

What kind of feedback you have received from clients?

Positive Feedback always, especially as people come to my clinic through word of mouth (I don’t get to hear the negative stuff!)

Some testimonials from last Sunday’s workshop: –

Where do I begin!

I so enjoyed the day. I found it empowering, enlightening and uplifting and feel that I need to listen to my body more and show it more respect. I am finding it difficult remembering all I learned but my walking has improved and posture in my car!”



Thanks so much again for the workshop at the weekend. A fantastic experience and very powerful!

I have had a big, big shift since Sunday at the workshop and was in quite extreme process of releasing Monday and yesterday, but it’s moving fast and there’s been a huge clearing around the dynamic wediscussed. So, thank you again for helping me make the connection between these issues and my body. Amazing. 

Sending you much love and appreciation.”



Some testimonials from my clinic clients: –


“Nadia, Thank you for the sessions I have had with you over the years. You provide a sanctuary where I feel safe. Your therapy is intuitive and sometimes it feels like I don’t need to tell you what the problem is as you are already treating it!  Since I have been coming to you, I stand straighter, my hips and back are pain free and I have made changes to the way I live my life for the better. The time at Tump Lane Therapy Clinic gives me space to challenge how I am thinking and reacting to problems. I don’t have any of that in my busy life at work and at home with two young boys. See you for the next session soon!”

Juliet – Shepherd Hospital Pharmacist

“Following a car accident 11 years ago, my pelvis would come out of alignment on a regular basis causing my lower back to go into spasm. This was very painful and I thought it would be something that I would have to live with. After just one session with Nadia, my pelvis became stronger and I have had no pain since. Without Nadia’s treatment, I may have developed arthritis in my hip joints in later life. Further treatments with Nadia have enabled my muscles to release and I have become more flexible and have better posture as a result. I am very grateful to Nadia for improving my quality of life and enabling me to be free of pain.”

Lucy – Solicitor

What’s the next big project coming up for you?

My Book Launch of my first book called “How did I Get These?” on Saturday 7th October in Monmouth, and two forthcoming workshops, one in Cheltenham on Sunday 26th November and one in Bath on Sunday 28th January 2018.

What’s your big dream?

To introduce True to Our Roots Spontaneous Qi Gong to the fitness industry and into schools. It helps to distribute lactic acid really quickly creating flexibility, and into schools because it’ll help encourage children to remain fluid with great postures in daily activities and calm, as well as being there for each other.

Where can we find your services?

True to Our Roots Clinic (used to be Tumplane Therapy Clinic)

The Doward,

Whitchurch near Ross-on-Wye