As clients, we want to know if we can “like, know and trust” the businesses we buy from and the people whose services we use, so in this series we talk to the Changemakers who are making a difference in the world and ask them to step out into the spotlight to tell us their story.

It’s the turn of Judith Quin from Your Whole Voice

Tell us about yourself and what you do?

I am a public speaking and vocal confidence specialist, and sound healer.

I work at a deep level to release the restrictions around expressing yourself and re-connect your voice to your body, as well as helping to create and deliver speeches and presentations.

Ultimately, I’m building a global vocal-liberation method for high-purpose entrepreneurs, leaders and emerging leaders who want to speak with more clarity, confidence and conviction.  When they do, they create personal and professional growth and a greater connection with their audience.

How did you get started?

A massage client said to me one day “Judith, you’re an actress and you do that ‘stuff’ with sound.  My husband has got to give a speech to 80 solicitors in a couple of weeks and he hates public speaking. Do you know anyone who could help him?”

I started thinking of people who I know and then my brain knocked on my skull and I said “Yes.  Me.” … I worked with Bruce and mentioned the success in my monthly missive newsletter – then other clients started asking for help with speaking up at work, networking, delivering presentations and public speaking.

One of those clients is a coach and trainer, she said she didn’t know I’d trained as a coach.  I hadn’t.  So, I went and trained as a coach which became the final piece in the jigsaw puzzle to combine all my skills to create what I do now.

What were you doing in a previous life?

I am an actress and massage therapist – I trained in massage to support my acting career as I have always been a natural healer, and was tired of random temp jobs like promo work, spraying perfume in department stores, tutoring English and temping as an exec PA in finance, banking and oil & gas.

I then incorporated sound healing and sonic meditation in to my massage work before training as a coach and bringing all my skills together.

Why Holistic?

There’s no other way as far as I’m concerned – one area of your life will always impact the others and I completely see this with the voice.  Where you restrict your voice, you hold emotional blockages in your physical body, which in turn restricts your ability to speak, and the brain (what you think and believe) is the biggest challenge to finding and expressing your true, whole, voice.

What’s your USP? What sets you apart from your competitors?

Although what I do helps people with ‘public speaking’ I believe ALL speaking is public.

I combine the skills from acting, coaching, sound healing and massage, to approach my clients’ communication challenges by finding the deep level blocks to expressing yourself, whether that’s at home, at work, or in public ‘on stage’.

I always start with finding out what you want to say, we then discover the thoughts and feelings that are stopping you and then find the words, connected to the real truth behind your message, what is most important for you to express, your higher purpose.

What kind of feedback you have received from clients?

“You are so, so good at this work ~ such a contribution to the world.  You must know this.”  (Catherine Deane ~ Fashion Designer, creator & owner of ‘Catherine Deane’)

“I was quite sceptical at the beginning as I was convinced that I was a helpless case. Thanks to Judith help I was able to face one of my biggest demons in life. A fantastic coach. A life changing experience. Cured my fear of public speaking. Boosted my self confidence. I wished I had met Judith early in life. It would have saved me lots of sleepless nights and anxiety.” (Britta Woermann)

“You help people find both their inner and outer voice and in turn this gives them strength as a person, it has developed my inner strength and confidence.” (Dr Ellen Wright)

“The end result for me was reduced nerves and the confidence to manage the various public speaking scenarios I faced.  My confidence in communicating to both small and large groups was much improved as a result of applying the techniques I learned.  I would recommend Judith’s coaching service without hesitation.” (Ian Corbin ~ Head of Operational Due Diligence )

“What she does is so unique and so absolutely necessary to illuminate the whole voice behind your REAL message. To find out how keeping your true message hidden or even buried inside you affects you physically as well has been absolutely fascinating. I mean, if sound can shatter crystal and kidney stones, the potential you have in working with Judith on the way you express your hidden passionate message is exponential.” (Sammy Blindell, CEO, How To Build A Brand)

What’s the next big project coming up for you?

My first book, “Stop ‘should-ing’. Start Wanting.” releases in paperback on the 14th February which is really exciting – and my first sonic meditation CD “Sound & Silence” releases on the same day!

I’m also running my 2-day workshop in Manchester and London – I’ve never taken it to Manchester before!

Manchester 23rd & 24th Feb

London 23rd & 24th March

What’s your big dream?

To be running sound & voice re-connection retreats both in the UK and abroad (the big big dream is that I run the UK ones from my own home one day!)

To continue writing and performing and be invited to speak on vocal confidence and to run sound circle meditations around the world.

IF we’re talking the perfect vision – I will appear on Ellen and one day play Lady Macbeth at the RSC or Globe!

Where can we find your services?

On my Your Whole Voice website and Facebook page.

Website address: FB Page

FB Group