Alcohol Awareness Week is taking place this week 11th-17th November 2019 and it’s time to find out the effects all that booze is having on your physical health and your mental health. The benefits of ditching booze include more energy, better sleep, less anxiety, clearer skin and sober hair! (who knew!) Alcohol takes all the good hydration from your skin and hair making you look older, not to mention dry and bloated!

This is not irreversible and as soon as you stop drinking you will actually see some difference, there are things you can do to make positive changes. Drinking more water is the obvious one.


beetroot juice


Drink a fresh organic juice daily –

2 carrots

1 small beetroot

Handful of spinach

Small bunch of parsley

Tastes great, if you are new to juicing, add half an apple to sweeten it, but the carrot and beet makes it sweet anyways. Don’t skip the fresh beets by the way, they are great blood builders! Read my low-down on juicing blog here>>>>

Chances are your poor body has taken a hammering if you have been over drinking, so help it to ‘recalibrate’. If you can see a nutritionist that will help, but most people do need B vitamins, omega 3’s, milk thistle for liver detoxification, and Vitamin C which is so beneficial for skin, or a good multivitamin. L-Glutamine is also good for reducing cravings.




Choosing natural and organic products for your skin and hair will make all the difference, whilst your body is detoxing from alcohol, you will help yourself by not adding further toxins to your body. Check out Tabitha James Krann and Gluten Free Hair Care and natural and organic skincare such as Weleda, Scence Natural Skincare and our other favourite Award Winning brands here>>>




You may know that alongside championing natural, organic and holistic brands and businesses, my other passion and project is The Sober Club online community. I always felt there was one important missing piece of the ‘holistic health’ jigsaw for me and that was ditching the booze.

In The Sober Club you can connect with others and have open conversations without any judgement. You can learn therapeutic techniques such as EFT (emotional freedom technique), get inspiration and support to make lifestyle changes and discover sober tools and tips.


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The Sober Club is open for new members!  Everyone who joins in the first week will get a free audio download De-stress your life – worth 9.99 courtesy of hypnotherapist Ailsa Frank AND an exclusive audio by me on ‘How I stay motivated’.


Here’s what current Club members have to say;





I had listened to Janey’s podcasts from time to time and they really resonated with me. So when I heard about “The Sober Club” I joined up immediately and I haven’t looked back! I’ve finally realized it’s not just about putting down the booze and staying sober, it’s so much more than that! It’s a mindset change, looking at everything as a whole, caring for both my physical and mental health.

The “Sober Club” website is FAB!! I am really enjoying working through the modules in the 90 Day course “Get the Buzz without the Booze”. There is so much expert advice available on nutrition and fitness, and also some great tips on how to take care of, not just my body, but my mind too which I never had before. The Facebook group is such a friendly and supportive place to go whether you are struggling, looking for inspiration or just catching up with other people’s news. So much advice, help and support is now available to me which I never had before.

My whole mindset has changed! I’ve not just put down the booze I have learned how to look after my poor body that has been poisoned for so many years by getting proper nutrition, a little exercise, great sleep and treating myself with some wonderful self-care, all tips picked up from this lovely group. I am so glad to be part of something new and wonderful, and, more importantly, I have finally learned how to be kind to myself. Thank you Janey, and to all the experts who take their time to guide and support me with their wisdom and knowledge, and to every one of my new friends in The Sober Club!!

Jacqui UK




As a member you get access to my ‘Get the Buzz Without the Booze’ – 90 Day Online Course which takes you from the start of your sobriety journey… through to rocking your optimum health and wellbeing. You can access live monthly talks with me, and advice from leading health, wellbeing, and mindset experts. Weekly podcasts on mindset, health and nutrition, recipes, detox advice, guided meditations, hypnosis audios and relaxation videos AND access to an exclusive Facebook community where you can interact with like-minded people, make friends and connections, get support and share your experience, there will be people ahead of you, who have been at the same stage you are now, and those catching up.

Join me in this inspiring community – The Sober Club is your path to inspiration, motivation and accountability to get the BUZZ without the BOOZE! Get your free Guide: SOBRIETY ROCKS – Tips for Self-care in Sobriety – all details at


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New One night Self-Care in Sobriety Wellness Break in January 2020

So many people were not able to get onto our retreat at the end of January and we will be planning another 3 day retreat at Inner Guidance but if you want to get set for 2020, do you fancy a luxurious pampering wellness break at Champneys Spa in Tring?

Saturday January 11th we have a special one night break offering inspiration and motivation to up-level your wellbeing, there will be sessions on ‘How to get the Buzz without the Booze’, nutrition and a yoga nidra (relaxation) experience.

We will also look at setting intentions for the year ahead. In addition you will be able to enjoy all the facilities Champneys offers including swimming pools, spa pools, Jacuzzi, steam and sauna, fully equipped gym and exercise classes. Please note this is a one night break (arrive 2pm Saturday (our programme starts at 4pm) and depart Sunday 4pm but you can add on an extra night to your break if you choose. Go HERE for the info.