As clients, we want to know if we can “like, know and trust” the businesses we buy from and the people whose services we use, so in this series we talk to the Changemakers who are making a difference in the world and ask them to step out into the spotlight to tell us their story.

It’s the turn of Cai Graham –  creator of ‘Peak Parenting Series’ and ‘TEEN Toolbox Programme’

Tell us about yourself and what you do?

Primarily, I am a Mum of two fully fledged young adults. Jack 24 and Alice 22. I am a Parenting Expert, specifically targeting ‘teenagers’ (those young people who are coping with growing up: Pre-Teen, Teenagers and Twenty Somethings.)

My driving force is to help Parents and Teenagers cope with the challenges that face them and encourage kids to adopt a ‘can do’ attitude without a sense of entitlement.

How did you get started?

I was aiming at helping women in business, or coming back into the workplace. My tribe was, (and still is) women, however, more frequently these ladies were mothers and were asking me to help their children. I often heard “I know I need your help, but will you help my child first?”

What were you doing in a previous life?

20’s: Project Manager for an IT company: My client was M&S

30’s: Stay at Home Mum

40’s: Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Why Holistic?

Rather than give people the ‘theory’ to work out their ‘stuff’, invariably children don’t need weeks and weeks of coaching, they just need the appropriate tool to get past a current challenge. This builds their own resilience and confidence. Often that’s all they need.

What’s your USP? What sets you apart from your competitors?

I am a Parenting Expert for those experiencing the Adolescent years and have created the TEEN Toolbox: Equipping Parents and Teenagers with the Tools for Navigating Adolescence.

What kind of feedback you have received from clients?

It’s great you are supporting teenagers. There is so much about for smaller children. I’m desperate to do our best by the children but conscious it’s their life and they don’t need our baggage


I’m so grateful to you, this course has given me confidence and support and you have helped my daughter too, which was beyond my expectations.


Both kids are getting loads of positive attention, which is all good and we’re becoming a tight family unit, which is great.


This says it all for me.

What’s the next big project coming up for you?

  • Increased Media coverage.
  • Appearance on Radio / TV and Press
  • Re-recording my online course and moving it from Facebook to a hosted platform – this will become my Signature Course

What’s your big dream?

Out of my 100 goals set 2 years ago:

  • Become an Ambassador for Teenagers
  • Appearance on Oprah
  • Invitation to Necker Island
  • Be the Go-To Parenting Expert for Teenagers/Adolescence

Where can we find your services?


Book: The TEEN Toolbox

Available on

DOWNLOAD the FREE App: The TEEN Toolbox HERE>>