Helen Oakwater is an international Trainer, Speaker, Coach, founder of FAB Parents and author of ‘BUBBLE WRAPPED CHILDREN’ (published 2012) which offers fresh thinking, radical solutions and practical strategies for foster and adoptive parents as well as teachers, social workers, health professionals, decision makers and all those who touch the lives of adopted, fostered and maltreated children.


Helen is an International trainer and keynote speaker on adoption, fostering, and parenting maltreated children, her mission is to future proof children round the challenges that Facebook brings to adoption and fostering. Numerous reasons cause adopted children to reconnect with the birth families via Facebook, creating a new set of challenges for adoption.

Her ground-breaking book explores the what, why, how and what if, questions raised by this new problem and offers realistic answers. Helen has a wide and deep range of knowledge, training skills, and personal experience, having adopted a sibling group (aged 5,4,2) in the early 1990s from the UK Care System, her approach is pragmatic and real, having lived with children who lie, steal, self-harm and were expelled from schools, amongst many other things.


Written in an accessible conversational style incorporating theory, anecdotes, diagrams, models, neuroscience and case studies. In ‘BUBBLE WRAPPED CHILDREN’ Helen maps out the connection between trauma, child development, empathy, grief, contact, trust, truth telling and parenting styles. It can be purchased here>>


FAB Parents

Helen’s FAB Parents website offers a road map and resources for adoptive and foster parents to navigate the most emotional and difficult leadership challenge of their life. She is also creator of Trauma Triggered Behaviour workshop which has been delivered to thousands of parents and professionals in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Helen has valuable experience helping adult clients dump historical trauma and ‘crap’ (Charged Reactive Angry Particles) by creating a secure base to examine old hurts from a safe distance to get fresh perspectives and release stuck emotional responses. The Trauma Triggered Behaviour workshop has evolved over the past six years and is constantly being updated, so it is fresh current and relevant.

The entire one-day workshop is also available as an online video training course, professionally filmed and edited with 8 hours of recorded material. You can sign up to watch 6 lessons for free which give an overview of ‘Trauma Triggered Behaviour’. To get immediate access to this free taster course click to visit the website here>>


Helen’s next book ‘So You Want(ed) to Adopt: How to prepare yourself for parenting a child from the care system’ is publishing early 2019.

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