Is it time for you to break the cycle?  Are you the one who will stop the generational ‘blocks’ being passed down? 

Join trauma expert Rafe Nauen and I for a one day Family Constellations workshop 

I trained as a Family Constellations practitioner to add to my ‘toolbox’ of EFT, NLP and Matrix Re-imprinting and I believe that Family Constellations transformed my life

Family constellations was devised by German Psychotherapist Bert Hellinger who realised that events that are traumatic such as abuse, abortion, early/violent death, and miscarriage, can ripple down through generations and manifest in a range of psychological and physical illness. I am fascinated by the connection of where trauma meets addiction, but we will address any topics that come up on the day. We may end up looking at someone’s relationship with a sibling, a parent, how they handle money, or even looking at whether they should change career!

Even mild ‘adverse child experiences’ have a negative impact on health and wellbeing in adulthood. In the original ACE study, those who scored 4 or more were 7 times more likely to be an alcoholic, 10 times more likely to have injected drugs, and more likely to experience depression and relationship breakups.


If you are ready to make positive changes, absolutely no experience is necessary to join, but rather an open mind and a willingness to participate, and it’s not ‘acting’ or psychodrama, but it can be profound.


We will start the day with Rafe Nauen, a leading expert in adverse childhood experiences, trauma work and family constellations and I explaining the process. There will be time for Q and A, and then we will do some constellations. As this is a one price event we won’t be pre-booking the ‘issues’ so everyone will be invited to be a participant, a ‘representative’, and some will experience their own ‘constellation’. Many people find it benefits them hugely just to witness constellations, they can be very powerful. It has been described as ‘Homeopathy for the soul’.

One of the best ways to ‘explain’ family constellations is from a personal experience. One participant said:

‘I am an Ayurvedic practitioner and Ayurvedic massage therapist and I believe that if you want to ‘Heal” the body, mind & soul then the first place to start is looking at how you fuel  your body i,e, food & drink.

I now believe that that Family Constellations is equally as important and a must for anyone interested in health and peace for themselves and family members.

I believe that this work can save you time and money because of the amount of ‘stuff’ that you get through in one session, for me, I felt a shift in circumstance almost immediately and it continues on’  ***BEST DAY EVER***

 Next Workshop is online Dec 23 and an in person workshop in York late Feb 24

If you have questions please email