Well we have been told we ARE getting Christmas this year, so how about keeping it simple – but fun. Because I have been known in the past to be a bit of a bah – humbug, I asked a guest writer to talk Christmas for us, I know it feels way to early, but is it ever?  A few years ago I got to interview Will Ferrell just before yet another Xmas movie was released, and my kids, especially my son who is actually called Buddy never forgave me for not getting his autograph – ouch…

Be honest. In years past, whether you said it aloud or not, you felt an urge to avoid the pageantry, present-buying and parties that are associated with Christmas. Not wanting to be called “Scrooge,” maybe you tried your best to keep your “bah, humbug” attitude to yourself. However, the virtue of recent global events, specifically the year of no-Christmas, has reminded us all of the lessons it took four ghosts to teach Ebenezer: Christmas is precious and all the excitement and expense we expend each December are really about expressing the great joy, anticipation and hope we feel despite dwelling in the darkest, coldest moments of the year. Christmas is about children and, no matter how the world may try to extinguish it, there is a joyful little child within each of us. We must honor that child.

Attending Parties and Wearing Christmas Sweaters

Someone will invite you to a party this year. If you have been good, you might get invited to several. Make certain when you attend—and you must attend—to wear the most outrageous, delightfully out-of-character sweater you can find. By the way, these outlandish, underappreciated and impossible to ignore garments make wonderful Christmas gifts as well. A little thought will bring to your mind expressly who deserves to have her or his mood brightened by a startling, delightful sweater, blazing with color, inspiring laughter—some of it intentional. Christmas parties are gatherings of light. There is an old saying, “It is hard to burn one log.” Just so, fiery celebrations intended to last the entire holiday season must be ignited by gathered friends with glad embraces, songs and cheer.

Making That List and Checking It Twice

Perhaps you are wondering precisely who should be on the list of people for whom you will be purchasing gifts this year. To be sure, there are those who have created the roster for you, including all the proper people who should receive a tangible expression of affection. This Christmas, however, you may consider placing at the top of your list those atypical folks—people whom you have never gifted before. Ask, who delighted you this year with a kind word or a hug of encouragement? Who demonstrated warmth and humanity in a way you will always remember? Your gift for them need not be opulent. Indeed, a small, one-of-a-kind present will be something they never forget. Since this is shaping up to be a marvellous Christmas season, invest yourself completely in choosing gifts that are only fitting for that one individual who receives them.

Observing the Traditions

The major reason you cringed at the thought of enduring Christmas in the past was that you did not feel like repeating the same, time-worn customs. Then celebrate them new. They were magic to you once, perhaps when you were a child, and they can be again. Holiday rituals are simply vessels that contain wishes, memories and emotions. These vessels are never so full that they cannot be replenished with thoughtfully developed alterations that revere the original intent and embellish it with new love and meaning. New traditions can be embraced as well. There is no end to the lovely, thoughtful seasonal expressions that other families have adopted and shared. There is no other festival or time of the year so infused with intimate celebrations.

Making Your Own Wish List for Christmas Through the Year

While you are giving gifts, do not omit yourself. Of course, you may actually buy yourself something nice and a little pricey. Alternately, you might decide to make a list of gifts to distribute to yourself. You may choose to write down a series of moderately priced items and purchase one a month. Instead of material presents, you made decide to spend the year giving yourself a different kind of present. You may set some new standards of being good to yourself by striving to bestow upon yourself:

  • Self-compassion. Face it, even when you are wrong, you have reasons for why you act as you do.
  • Physical well-being. The kind of health you choose for yourself will last a lifetime.
  • Self-respect. In no way are you any lesser than anyone in your life.

Plan now for a Christmas that more than makes up for the no-Christmas.

Bossing a Sober Christmas

Of course as editor I’d add start prepping NOW for great alcohol free drinks for the season ahead!  How to boss your Christmas Sober