Are you ready to take charge of your life and manifest your dreams?  If you’re curious about living your best life, this day is designed for you.  Sat April 20 Kings Langley Herts 

Discover the power of clarity as we guide you through a transformative vision board workshop. Gain insight into what you truly want out of life and learn how to let go of limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

In addition to the vision board workshop, you’ll have the opportunity for a personalized 1-1 coaching session to delve deeper into your goals and aspirations. You will get guidance and support to help you achieve your fullest potential.

And let’s not forget about nourishing your body and soul! Enjoy a delicious lunch, connecting with like-minded individuals, and fostering a sense of community as we embark on this journey together.

The act of regularly visualizing our goals through our vision boards helps to reinforce positive beliefs, eliminate self-doubt, and cultivate a mindset of abundance and possibility.

A Day of Inspiration

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to step into your power and create the life you deserve. Reserve your spot today and spring into clarity with us!”

Hosted by Janey Lee Grace

One of the invaluable things about these events is the intimate group you will meet, almost certainly you will meet new ‘friends for life’ who you can support and share your journey with.

Janey says…

Vision boards are powerful tools for manifestation and transformation. By visually representing our desires, goals, and aspirations, we tap into the subconscious mind and send a clear message to the universe about what we want to attract into our lives. Through the act of carefully selecting images, words, and symbols that resonate with our deepest desires, we not only clarify our intentions but also ignite a sense of excitement and motivation to pursue them. As we immerse ourselves in the creative process of building our vision boards, we become more attuned to our innermost desires and gain clarity on the steps needed to turn our dreams into reality.

Here’s a taste of what we have planned…

  • Pre-workshop phone call to discuss your expectations and goals
  • Introduction and Raising Frequency Meditation
  • How to create your ‘self-care’ toolkit
  • Determining your values and timeline
  • Getting clarity on your purpose
  • Vision Board creation (all material provided)
  • Introduction to the best Nutrition to support optimum wellbeing.
  • Short 1-1 goal setting coaching with Janey

Teas, Coffees and a light buffet style lunch will be provided, and we will of course ‘keep the ritual and change the ingredients’ and end with alcohol free cocktails.

Want to join a very small group of like-minded people led by Janey?

Spaces are limited to just 6-8 so booking in advance is essential.  Please note our refund policy.

The venue is in Kings Langley Hertfordshire, just round the corner from a fab coffee house, and funky deli on the High Street.

You will leave feeling rejuvenated, with clarity and confidence as to how you can start to achieve your goals.  You will also have enjoyed some alcohol free drinks and have met some new friends!

Feedback from Janey’s Self-care days…

‘Thank you Janey for a fabulous day.  As they say the opposite of addiction is connection and that’s what I found in heaps. Exactly what I needed! Feeling inspired and strong in my journey going forward.. can’t wait for the next one! 

‘Incredibly helpful and powerful get-together. Came home with sharply focused personal objective for growth outside and beyond the Sober objective – or is it one of my underpinning reasons for drinking in the first place (?!). Revealing, bonding, connectedness. Thank you, Tribe. Thank you, Janey’ A

‘This workshop has given me “Wings” and now I truly believe anything is possible because I have a whole army of sober buddies who have my back. Thank you so much I feel like I have had a happiness injection. What have I learnt?…lots and lots but for me especially….if it’s not a definite yes then it’s a no !! Simples!!!!  D.

‘Today met all my expectations and more!  My big take-away was to believe in myself and have the confidence to allow my thoughts of self-doubt to start to disappear. Doing a retreat with Janey can change your life.. I dipped my toe in this process and have now dived in big time, loving sobriety  and the new friends I have met and I have unwrapped more ‘layers’ of my onion  Karen Shusnall

 Saturday April 20th 2024

Price £87

(Includes 1-1 breakthrough coaching session with Janey)

If you are interested in booking a place on this workshop, please email us at . There are limited places, so Hurry!!

Email Janey to book – janey at