Tabitha James Kraan, the 100 percent natural luxury eco hair brand, launches their new subscription service. Not only will your favourite products arrive at your chosen interval, but they give you up to a 25% discount when you sign up for one of their subscription plans.




The luxurious range of products that protect health as well as protecting the planet includes an Organic Hair Perfume, Golden Citrus Hair Cleanser and Amber Rose Hair Cleanser (natural enough to use every day) and an Organic Dry Shampoo available in dark and fair shades

Apart from the permanent discount, as well as the convenience of your chosen products being delivered automatically at your chosen interval, you will also be the first to hear exciting new product launches and other hot news directly from Tabitha.

Subscribers will also be entitled to a complimentary video call with Tabitha to enjoy a free hair consultation.




The products are packed with premium quality, certified organic ingredients that are both good for your hair and scalp and work in harmony with your body. Tabitha James Kraan fully supports organic farming methods that create beautiful quality ingredients through the certified products that become part of our water systems when used. 

Authentic organic products work in harmony to support you using fewer products so you can wash your hair less often and still enjoy beautiful hair every day. Using organic hair care also has less impact on the planet helping to protect the natural world.



You can see more about Tabitha James Kraan’s salon in the Cotswolds and the innovative organic haircare range at