I feel incredibly grateful that despite drinking way too much for years, I didn’t ever drive under the influence or indeed have a rock bottom moment. But I am acutely aware that I COULD have been over the limit when I drove the next morning, the thought terrifies me and I’d give anything to have stopped drinking much earlier.  It also makes me feel scared, now I am aware, for myself and my kids who might be impacted by people driving who are drunk or taking other drugs.  One of our Sober Club members recently had to hot-foot it to A & E when her daughter was ill during the night, she felt so blessed, knowing that just a few week’s previously that couldn’t have happened.

A US writer offered me this article which just might ram the message home and offer a contact for anyone based near the specific law firm.  If you are wanting support and inspiration around quitting the booze check out The Sober Club

Why do people get behind the wheel even though they know that it’s wrong? 53.5% of survey respondents said that they felt confident driving after drinking. Yet, the evidence shows that driving under alcohol’s influence is never OK.

Dangers of Drunk Driving 

If you think that you’re fine driving after a few glasses, you’re taking an expensive risk. Drunk driving is a risk to the driver and other members of the community. The victims of drunk driving accidents could be innocent members of the community, including minors. They often require the services of drunk driving accident lawyers to get justice.

Alcohol increases your risk of getting involved in a car crash significantly. Even if you’re not staggering, alcohol may already have begun impairing your senses. Drunk driving results in multiple car crashes and thousands of deaths annually. These accidents can also cause debilitating injuries for the victims who may need the services of drunk driving accident lawyers in Ft. Lauderdale.

Effects of Alcohol 

Many people who drive drunk do so because they ‘feel fine’. However, you might not realize how much effect alcohol has on your brain, which can affect your driving. Here’s how drinking affects your driving:

  • Altered judgment: Behind the wheel, you’re constantly making decisions that affect the experience. Planning and making good decisions help you stay safe while on the road. However, alcohol can depress your ability to make reasonable decisions. One poor judgment can result in a life-threatening car wreck.
  • Decreased concentration: Anything that affects your concentration while driving increases your accident risk. With a high blood alcohol level, you may have trouble concentrating on all the tasks that make you a good driver.
  • Poor coordination: Alcohol acts as a depressant. So, your motor skills and reflexes may be greatly depressed. Hence, you might respond a little too late to obstacles on the road.
  • Impaired vision: Alcohol affects your eye muscles too. Hence, your vision may be poorer than it should be. Decreased peripheral vision may also occur when intoxicated. That means you’ll have a hard time seeing objects a short distance away. Pedestrians, road obstacles, and other vehicles might seem to appear out of nowhere. Coupled with your depressed reflexes, an accident can occur.

How to Prevent Drunk Driving 

  • Choose a designated driver: On a night out with friends, assign a designated driver. That person will refrain from alcohol consumption so that they can drive safely. Members of the friend group can take the designated driver position in turns so that one person isn’t left out of the fun.
  • Get a ride: If there’s no designated driver available, ask for a ride. Call friends, family, or a cab. You could use a rideshare app to book a ride home to safety.
  • Don’t let others drive drunk: If you’re out with friends and notice a friend getting into their car after drinking, stop them. Offer to drive them if you’re sober or call a cab.
  • Quit the drink!  Your life will be SO much better without it and you will be able to drive at any time.

Drunk driving can have lasting consequences for victims. If you’ve suffered a drunk driving accident, consult your drunk driving accident lawyers in your area.