Teenagers can have troubled skin can at the best of times but at this time of year when they’re going through exams, having breakouts on top of revision and exams seems very unfair indeed.

My son is doing his GCSE’s at the moment and I’m sure the stress is absolutely contributing to his break-outs, I have him on the SkinGenius skincare and he even did a ‘before’ pic so here’s hoping we will see a difference.  An important note though to self and other parents…. make sure they aren’t also using lots of chemical shampoos, shower gels et al, you don’t want anything else to be loading in the toxins!…

SkinGenius products are jam packed full of natural, organic ‘no junk’ ingredients which are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and will also soothe and calm stressed skin. They really can make a difference to teenage skin with lasting results, addressing the cause of acne, pimples and spots and not just masking the symptoms.

SkinGenius range comprises of SkinGenius Facial Wash (£17.99, 150ml) which is specially formulated to help restore harmony to oily skin, SkinGenius Clarifying Treatment Lotion (£19.99, 100ml) which is packed with ingredients to help banish the bacteria that causes acne while soothing inflamed, infected pores, and finally, SkinGenius Moisturiser (£18.99, 100ml) which is rich in nut oils and works in synergy to soften skin, manage excess sebum production and calm inflammation caused by break outs.

Right now they have a special Student Offer for you:


Save 15% on a three product pack  – Simply enter ‘STUDY16’ at the checkout. The offer is valid until June 24, 2016.

In addition: people who take a photo of their skin before using SkinGenius and then again after using the products for four weeks will also receive a code to get 20% off their next order.