Most of you know I host the podcast Alcohol Free Life , wrote Happy Healthy Sober, run The Sober Club, a community for people ditching the booze and wanting to live their best life. I gave a Tedx talk Sobriety Rocks -Who Knew! and I offer 1-1 coaching, EFT, Matrix work.  I LOVE to focus on ‘positive sobriety’, just how wonderful it is to be free from the alcohol trap, but I thought it might be timely to remind people that alcohol IS a drug, it can be dangerous and while its the social glue that sticks everything together in our society, in truth its the number one most harmful drug when all other things, (the economy, harm to family et al) are taken into account

I was offered this article by a US writer, and thought it hit home!

Alcohol is a popular beverage to consume at social gatherings and in our society, we are even told that ‘in moderation’ its good for us. Unfortunately, alcohol poses several dangers to your health when misused.

Safety and Responsibility

Although there is no safe amount of alcohol, drinking responsibly may reduce some risks. If you are going to drink alcohol, make sure you eat beforehand and drink plenty of water. Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach can cause you to become sick. Drink slowly to allow your body time to process the alcohol and avoid getting intoxicated too quickly. It takes about 1 hour for your liver to process 1 ounce of alcohol. You should never drive or operate any heavy machinery while intoxicated. Always leave your keys at home and arrange for safe transportation to and from your location. Even if you feel sober, your body needs time to process the alcohol out of your system. If you get behind the wheel while intoxicated, you put yourself and the lives of others in danger. In the case of a DUI arrest, you may need to attend a court-ordered rehabilitation program at a facility that offers DUI services in Lexington.

Immediate Effects

Drinking excessively can cause serious damage to your body and internal organs. When you consume alcohol, several parts of your body are immediately affected. Your heart rate will begin to increase and expand your blood vessels. As more blood flows through your body, you will begin to feel warm and your body will release heat through your skin. As your body becomes dehydrated, your kidneys may have trouble regulating fluids which can also disrupt your hormones. As your body digests the alcohol, your stomach and intestines can become irritated. This can result in bloating, abdominal pain, or diarrhea. Most of the alcohol you consume will be metabolized in the liver. The more toxins the liver removes, the more stressed and damaged it can become. More than half of the alcohol-related deaths are linked to other health effects like liver and heart disease.

Long Term Effects

Drinking heavily over long periods can weaken your body’s natural immune system and damage your brain. With a weakened immune system, your body will become more susceptible to germs, viruses, and disease. Heavy drinking also negatively affects your memory, concentration, emotions, and mood. In addition to being associated with increased feelings of anxiety and depression, it has even been shown to shrink the brain in size. Prolonged use can lead to thinner bones and weaker muscles. As you get older, it will be more difficult to heal from a fracture or break. You may develop a tolerance to alcohol if you consume it regularly. This means you will need to consume more at once for the same effects. Over time, your body can become dependent on drinking. When you stop drinking, you may notice a wide range of physical and mental withdrawal symptoms.

Drinking alcohol comes with serious risks to your health and well-being.

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The good news is that you CAN be free from the ‘alcohol trap’, you can choose not to drink at all.  Check out The Sober Club, it includes the 90 day course Get the Buzz without the Booze 

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