My Verdict… A great range of products, I cannot live without their Vitamin D oral spray (most of us are lacking) Just about to trial their magnesium oil joint spray too.

Antioxidants to the rescue!
One of my fave companies Better You (I love their Oral Vit D spray and just trialling their Vitamin B spray too) have sent me the latest in the Femergy Range of daily food supplements.
The Femergy Original Energy Boost is brilliant for helping you to deal with stress and overwhelm (boy do I need it badly !) I’m really impressed that they contain nothing dodgy and they’re suitable for vegans and vegetarians plus people who are coeliac too.
Some of the selling points –

Naturally caffeine and sugar free
Blend of finest herbal and food sourced ingredients to help maintain a feeling of energy, mental clarity and sexual alertness.
Taken daily but also when tiredness strikes, its powerful formulation nourishes and revives your body with positive effects that will build over time.
Provides natural help to balance hormones during times of stress or change.

More about the ingredients:

Peruvian Maca – a high-grade energy food bursting with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, trace minerals as well as simple and complex carbohydrates
Ginkgo Biloba – helps to increase blood flow and oxygen throughout the body’s network and used to treat symptoms including difficulties of concentration and memory
Suma – (also know as Brazilian Ginseng) is bursting with active compounds, including germanium which aids oxygen update within the blood
Cayenne Pepper – is a great feel-good spice and helps to make cells more permeable and more able to absorb nutrients.janey-loves

Femergy Skin, Hair & Nails

A natural antioxidant formulation designed to help protect and repair vital tissue from the effects of pollutants, UV exposure, exercise and general modern lifestyle stress.
Reduced free-radical activity and excessive oxidative damage
Wholefood source of vitamin E equivalent to eating 200 almonds

More about the ingredients

Acerola cherries provide a powerful force of vitamin C. A rich antioxidant source, 30 times more powerful than oranges, with a deep purple pigment and notable taste, between dark chocolate and sharp berries
Pine Bark Extract is sourced from the bark of the maritime pine of South West France and is one of the most researched antioxidants within the health industry
Selenium is a trace mineral which helps to prevent cellular damage from free radicals and assist the immune system
Vitamin A is needed by our tissues for general growth and repair and is especially important for bone formulation, health skin and hair, and eyesight
Vitamin E is particularly effective to help regenerate skin cells and protect skin from the negative effects of free radicals.

Both formulas are natural botanicals, minerals and vitamins and have been chosen for their effectiveness and their ability to harmonise with your daily, hectic routine. Wholefood sourced nutrients ensure there is no disruption to our normal balance but a gradual and sustainable enhancement of our body’s natural functions.


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