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Unbeelievable Health Supplements are researched & formulated by nutritionists, using the highest quality ingredients with studies behind their use, which are not usually found in a regular diet or multivitamin.

The therapeutic plant & food sourced formulas have no fillers or excipients meaning fewer capsules are required and the targeted all-in-one formulas address specific health concerns.

The capsule contents may be opened into juice and food for those who don’t like swallowing pills. Made in the UK. Unbeelievable Health donate a portion of sales to bee causes.


Bee Energised energy & focus supplement

A concentrated blend of organic: bee pollen, spirulina, matcha, green tea plus Siberian Ginseng, rosemary extract, rose hip extract, vitamins B12 (methylcobalamin) & B6. Effects usually felt after the first dose & benefits build with time to help tackle issues with ongoing fatigue, brain fog, long covid, menopause & more. Great for exams, travel or at the end of the day to eek a few more hours of focus from the work day. Nutritionists also recommend for menopause as several of the ingredients are shown to help with symptoms including hot flushes. Helpful as well for sports & fitness training.

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Bee prepared max strength immune

Contains the same ingredients as above in more concentrated amounts with the addition of reishi mushroom & astaxanthin. A good choice if you feel you’re or coming down with an illness or on high pollen count days. Great as an emergency product to be taken at the first sign of illness, before an important event or to keep in your bag when traveling.

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Bee prepared daily defence immune supplement (helps hay fever too!)

5 ingredients with proven benefits shown to strengthen and support immunity without over stimulating the immune system making them suitable to take daily and year round including bee propolis, black elderberry, olive leaf, beta glucans & acerola cherry. Several ingredients have natural antihistamine properties as well, making them helpful during hay fever season. Suitable for children as well. Handy to keep the immune system in good shape to be able to ward off illness. A wonderful daily maintenance product.

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